Create and Launch Your Trailhead Playground

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Use a command prompt and the Salesforce CLI to build and deploy an app.
  • Create and initialize a Salesforce DX project with preexisting metadata.
  • Use the Salesforce CLI to export and import sample data into a scratch org.
  • Implement source-centric development using Git and GitHub for tracking metadata in a version control system.
  • Isolate new feature development by branching and merging with Git and GitHub pull requests.
  • Establish different Salesforce org environments for the phases of application lifecycle management.


The Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) is a set of tools that streamlines the entire development lifecycle. It improves team development and collaboration, facilitates automated testing and continuous integration, and makes the release cycle more efficient and agile. If you are new to Salesforce DX, we recommend that you complete the Package Development Model module and the Quick Start: Salesforce DX project before you go on.

Meet DreamHouse Realty

Maria, Chan, and D’Angelo of DreamHouse Realty

DreamHouse Realty is a thriving real estate business. In this project, we help Chan Ming Lewis and Maria Garza, Salesforce developers at DreamHouse Realty, to build, test, and release new features to their property management app using Salesforce DX. Throughout the project you play the parts of Chan and Maria, as each develops their own features for the app in their own scratch orgs following a source-centric development model. They will collaborate together using source control and GitHub. The final app with Chan’s and Maria’s features will be deployed to their Dev Hub org.

Our guiding principles are to be open, and empower teams to use industry-standard tools and processes to develop on the platform. This project happens to standardize with Git as a version control system and GitHub as a hosted repository, but you can use other tools, such as Atlassian Bitbucket or GitLab, too.

Create Your Trailhead Playground

For this project, create a new Trailhead Playground. Scroll to the bottom of this page, click the down arrow next to Launch, and select Create a Trailhead Playground.


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