Search For and Share Records Using the Salesforce App

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Search for and share Salesforce records in Slack.
  • Set up and test opportunity alerts.
  • Send messages back to Salesforce.


This module was produced in collaboration with Slack, which owns, supports, and maintains the Slack products, services, and features described here. Use of Slack products, services, and features is governed by privacy policies and service agreements maintained by Slack.

Before You Start

Before you complete any steps shown in this project, make sure you complete Integrate Salesforce with Slack and have your connected Trailhead Playground and Slack workspace ready. The work you do here builds on the concepts and work you do in that project.

First, let’s head to Slack.

Search for and Share Salesforce Records in Slack

You’ve used the Salesforce for Slack app to integrate your Salesforce and Slack environments. It’s time to learn how you can use the Salesforce App in Slack to speed up collaboration with your team.

With Slack shortcuts and slash commands, you can search for and share Salesforce records without having to leave the conversation. This puts key Salesforce data at your fingertips whenever you need it.

For example, you’re an account executive (AE) working on a deal for a communications company seeking to transform its business. The SVP of procurement wants to meet with a technical expert to ask some questions about your product. You can use this feature to search for the name of the contact you are meeting with. 

First, create a new channel in Slack where you collaborate on all opportunities and funnel all opportunity alerts. 

  1. Click + next to Channels, then click Create a channel.
  2. Enter opportunities then click Create.
  3. When Slack asks you to add people to that channel, click Skip for now.

You now have a channel to collaborate on your opportunities.

Search for a Contact

Now, pull up the Salesforce contact record and share it with your team. 

  1. If you’re not there yet, click the # opportunities channel to open the feed.
  2. Enter /salesforce in message composer and click the /salesforce slash command.
  3. Enter Rose Gonzalez, then press enter or return on your keyboard.
  4. Slack returns a summary of the records matching your search. In this case, you have one contact matching that name. If there were more than one result, Slack would show the top five matching records.
  5. Click the Contacts button to open the results by object.
  6. Then click View Record to see more details and confirm this is the record you’re looking for.
  7. Go ahead and click Post to Channel. The record details for contact Rose Gonzalez open in Slack with the buttons to Post to Channel and Manage alerts

Just like that, the record was posted for your colleagues to see. You can now add a note requesting for a solution engineer willing to meet with Rose, and start setting up that meeting, all in real-time.

We won’t check any of your setup. Click Verify Step to proceed to the next step in the project.

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