Check for a Matching Contact in Your Org

Use a Get Records Element to Find a Matching Contact

Add a Get Records element to your flow to query your org for any existing contact whose name matches what the flow user enters.

  1. From the Elements tab in the toolbox, drag Get Records onto the canvas.
  2. In the New Get Records window, enter these values.
    Field Value
    Label Find a Match
    API Name Find_a_Match
    Object Contact
  3. In the Filter Contact Records section, for Condition Requirements, select All Conditions Are Met (AND).
  4. Enter these conditions.
    Field  Operator Value
    FirstName Equals {!contact.FirstName}
  5. Click Add Condition, and enter these conditions.
    Field Operator Value
    LastName Equals {!contact.LastName}
  6. Click Done.
  7. Drag the connector node from Contact Info onto Find a Match.
    Canvas with three connected items
  8. Click Save.
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