Get to Know myTrailhead

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what myTrailhead is.
  • Identify content that does and doesn’t belong on myTrailhead.


Your company just purchased myTrailhead, a cool new content platform that lets you create custom learning journeys for employees. You’ve been tasked with the job of onboarding a handful of writers and content producers to develop your company-branded myTrailhead experience. 

This module guides you through the content development process, from idea to badge. You’ll get started building a content strategy and learn how to transform your ideas into an interactive learning experience. We’ll explain the art of writing conversationally and give you tips on how to turn technical jargon into something readable and relatable. Finally, you’ll learn how to create meaningful quizzes to assess your learners’ understanding. 

By the end, you will have the tools you need to craft an amazing myTrailhead experience for your company. And what better place to learn how to write for myTrailhead than on Trailhead?

What Is myTrailhead Anyway?

You’ve got a cool idea that you think can make a perfect myTrailhead badge. That’s great. But before you unleash writers on it, you need to answer this question: Does it belong on myTrailhead? Or does it make a better blog post on your company’s internal site? Is it for all employees or only a specific department? 

Before you can answer those questions, you need to know what myTrailhead is and what it isn’t. Simply put: myTrailhead is the fun way to learn. But learn what exactly? At Salesforce, we’ve used Trailhead to teach:

  • Product knowledge
  • Best practices
  • Real-world use cases
  • Business strategies
  • Marketing tools
  • Onboarding and training

myTrailhead isn’t: 

  • A knowledge base
  • Reference documentation
  • An FAQ
  • Implementation guidelines, or any set of steps that are "one and done"
  • A wiki
  • A blog
  • An e-book

In other words, your content needs to lend itself to an interactive, gamified learning journey that’s fun. 

So, What Belongs on myTrailhead?

  • Learning how to do something, like interpret a compensation plan
  • Learning how something works, like how to use a product or service
  • Learning how to message something, like position your company’s latest product
  • Learning how to use Salesforce for your organization

myTrailhead should always include relevant topics or skills that are in demand. Here’s another way to think about it: Let’s say your marketing team is hosting a series of events showcasing a new product your company has launched. They want sales reps to be informed and ready to speak to any potential new prospects they find. This is a good opportunity for your team to craft a sales enablement trail that can help your reps understand the product and guide a valuable discussion about it with prospects.

Also, myTrailhead is a gamified experience with trails that guide learners through topics in a particular order. Let’s say you’re creating a new trail that teaches learners how to log their expense reports with your new internal app. You want them first to know what expense reports are and how the app works before you walk them through the steps to submit an expense report. So you cover those learning topics in that order. 

Lastly, myTrailhead content needs ongoing maintenance, which means it’s up to you and your team—writers, assessment creators, graphic artists, editors, publishers, and localization specialists—to make sure all the information you publish on myTrailhead is current. This is key to maintaining trust with your learners. At Salesforce, we update our content each time we release a new version of our software, which happens three times a year.   

Now you’ve got the hang of it, so let’s get started with your new content adventure. 


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