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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe a range of new digital fundraising capabilities that help nonprofits exceed their goals.
  • Discuss a flexible, community-driven grant-making solution that evolves as program funding grows.
  • Explain the capabilities of the Philanthropy Cloud app for Android.
  • Discuss how the template library improves the templating user experience. Elevate

A range of new digital fundraising capabilities in the Winter ’21 release help teams exceed their goals. Giving Pages enables teams to create out-of-the-box donation forms connected to their payment provider. And Payment Services seamlessly integrates the gift data from these online payments into Salesforce via Gift Entry Manager (GEM) or Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Learn more about Elevate.

Nonprofit Cloud: Grants Management

Simplify and accelerate grant making with a flexible, community-driven grant-making solution that’s built off of the world’s #1 CRM and evolves with you as your funding of programs grows.

Learn more about Grants Management.

Philanthropy Cloud for Android

Philanthropy Cloud already exists as an app for iOS, and now it’s available for Android, too. Philanthropy Cloud for Android provides all the functionality that’s in the browser-based version. Donate funds, sign up for volunteer opportunities, and manage your accounts all within the app.

Learn more about Philanthropy Cloud for Android.

Quip: Template Library

The new Quip template library gives you an easy way to access, store, organize, and publish custom templates for all your critical business processes.

Learn more about the template library.

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