Learn About Common Scenarios for Using Trailhead

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe training strategies for driving Salesforce adoption.
  • Identify techniques for using Trailhead to build a culture of learning.


Companies that make Trailhead a big part of their enablement plan reap big rewards. People blaze trails to great heights using Trailhead. Many companies use Trailhead to create fun and meaningful learning journeys that support their growing and evolving business. Let’s consider three scenarios. Each highlights specific advantages of using Trailhead as a fundamental part of an enablement plan.

Start Right, Stay Right

Let’s say your company wants to use Trailhead to facilitate onboarding and to keep your Salesforce users self-sufficient. As your business adapts to new technology and a changing market, you want to keep your Salesforce org modern as well. One big step you’ve taken toward that goal is transitioning to Lightning Experience and optimizing how you use Salesforce. You quickly realize that success hinges on user adoption, and you need a plan to help your users learn about Salesforce, beginning with Lightning Experience.

A good first step is having your current users earn the Lightning Experience Features badge on Trailhead. It’s a great way to reach everyone with self-directed learning regardless of where they live and work. 

Next, you need to address new hires. There’s so much training required for new employees on top of learning Lightning Experience. Developing and delivering all that training would require substantial resources. Instead, you decide to use Trailhead modules and projects. You assemble a trailmix—a custom learning track—for each team. You use Trail Tracker to assign the trailmixes to team members and to track their progress. Onboarding with Trailhead introduces new hires to a culture of learning that continues beyond their first weeks on the team. 

The more your Salesforce users learn, the more they want to do with Salesforce. Your automation and analytics team is overwhelmed with requests for custom reports. You review the report requests and recognize that the kind of information users seek could just as well be provided by dashboards. You recommend that users complete the Analytics Dashboard Navigation badge on Trailhead before submitting a request for a custom report. The automation and analytics team receives fewer custom report requests. You make people self-sufficient, and people learn to do things they never imagined they could do by themselves.

Trailhead fits perfectly in onboarding as well as continued learning across all teams. When you start new employees on the right track with Trailhead, they come back to learn more.

The Adoption Challenge

Or, suppose your company faces a challenge that’s familiar to all businesses entering the Salesforce ecosystem: driving adoption after implementation. You’re implementing Service Cloud and Sales Cloud at the same time, affecting thousands of employees. You know you’re going to need some Trailhead champions and a solid game plan.

You start by gearing up the people who lead the enablement initiative. You explore Trailhead to find badges that would help them learn the fundamentals, such as the Salesforce Platform Basics module. A few true trailblazers earn dozens—or even hundreds—of badges to become experts in all things Salesforce. They make Chatter posts when they find great badges. Eventually, they combine recommended badges into a trailmix.

With a solid core of Trailblazers enabled and inspired to share their experience, you set out to enable the rest of your employees. You gather stakeholders from all departments and develop a customized learning plan for each team. You create team-specific trailmixes that deliver the right badges to the right individuals. Then you track their progress with Trail Tracker. To ensure that newly formed expertise is shared, you analyze Trail Tracker data to see who is earning extra badges, and you connect those people to other teams who need their skills.

Your Trailblazers love how Trailhead is tailored for them. They love that their learning is delivered in digestible portions. They see how the power of Salesforce makes their jobs and their lives easier. With the addition of some friendly competition, and incentives for moving up Trailhead Ranks, Trailhead becomes a bridge to adopting Salesforce.

A Culture of Learning

Or maybe the time has come for your company to simplify its technology ecosystem by eliminating legacy systems. You decide to begin using Salesforce. Very few of your employees have Salesforce expertise, so enablement is a real challenge. 

Your first step is to get people on the right track fast. You begin to explore Trailhead and identify appropriate curated trails for various teams. Then you assemble additional modules and projects into custom trailmixes.

Next, you incorporate Trailhead into your onboarding process for all new hires, regardless of the background or job role. You encourage team members to continue building new skills on an individual level. You assign learning modules not just for Salesforce technical skills, but for other technologies and for soft skills, such as public speaking. You invite teams to pursue superbadges, and you create trailmixes that help people prepare for Salesforce certification exams.

Finally, you extend Trailhead to your internship program. Your interns prepare for their first project by working through a custom trailmix. They explore Trailhead throughout the summer to prepare for the job market. Armed with valuable knowledge and relevant experience, some interns have Salesforce-related job offers even before they complete the internship! Your company is a model for using Trailhead to foster a culture of learning that benefits everyone.


These scenarios demonstrate the value of Trailhead for companies. Whether you’re training new employees, helping teams build new skills, driving Salesforce adoption, making people more self-sufficient, or creating a culture of continuous learning, Trailhead makes it fun.


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