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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to assess return-to-work readiness from a single hub.
  • Explain how to streamline employee and workplace readiness.
  • Describe how to help organizations support residents, communities, and agencies during crises.

Workplace Command Center

Assess return-to-work readiness from a single hub to reopen workplaces safely. Manage and monitor employee wellness, training completion, shift scheduling, and facilities preparedness. And trigger workflows and take action right from the Command Center. 

Command Center Overview screen

Learn more about the Workplace Command Center.

Shift Management

Streamline employee and workplace readiness with Shift Management. This addition to the Workplace Command Center lets employees specify their availability, empowers workplace planners to manage density and shifts, and enables companies to communicate arrival windows that comply with social distancing in crowded areas like lobbies and elevators.

Shift Management Gantt schedule view

Learn more about Shift Management.

Emergency Program Management

Emergency Program Management is a new offering in the Emergency Response Management suite of products. This product helps organizations support residents, communities, and agencies during crises by providing access to emergency information and replacing manual processes with streamlined application processes—from intake through services execution. 

Emergency Resource Request cases

Learn more about Emergency Program Management.

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