Collaborate Using Chatter

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Decide how to use Chatter for your business.
  • Set up your Chatter profile.
  • Create Posts, Polls, and Questions.
  • Upload and share files with your team.

Chatter Saves the Day

On one particularly rainy and challenging morning, Tracey was running late for work and an important customer meeting. The number 2 train was delayed, and she was stuck waiting for service to resume. Jay on the other hand, lived within walking distance of the shop, and with his handy umbrella, he headed out the door as usual.

Tracey looking concerned on the train and texting, Jay is responding to her text under an umbrella while walking to work

Realizing that she would be late for their early morning client meeting, Tracey pulls out her phone, opens the Salesforce app, and @ mentions Jay on her Chatter feed with news of her delay. She opens the account record for her customer and @ mentions Jay with some things he needs to kick off the meeting without her.

Chatter allows you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues without missing a beat.

With Chatter, you can:

  • Post updates to your personal feed, or that of a record or file.
  • Follow important people, records, and files to ensure you know when they’re updated.
  • Get notifications when your name is mentioned.
  • Personalize your profile with a picture of you and other details that reflect your personality.

Here’s how to get started.

Set Up Your Profile

First, make sure that you have a clear picture of yourself on your computer. You want your colleagues to see your smiling face when you @ mention them on all of the deals you’re working on, right?

Here’s how to upload a profile picture.

  1. Click
    View Profile icon
      then click your name to access your profile.
  2. Click Change Photoon the default profile image, and follow the instructions to upload your profile picture.
  3. In your profile banner, click Edit.
  4. Enter information about yourself, including your Name, Title, and contact information. Click Save.

Posts, Polls, and Questions on Chatter

The thing about collaboration is that it requires you to actually say something. Whether you’re starting the post yourself or answering someone else’s post, you need to know how to get your voice heard (or in this case, words read).

Chatter Post to Jay with a Poll underneath

Where do these posts go? They go in your personal feed, and anyone who follows gets an email copy of your post. And how do you follow a person, record, or file on Chatter?

  • For your teammates, you just click +Follow next to their name whenever you see it on Essentials.
  • For files or records, you go to the record or file page and click +Follow.

 Recommended followers

Groups are the main collaboration space in Chatter where people organize around shared interests, purposes, or goals. People use their groups to share information, post updates, and ask questions.

Salesforce provides groups different purposes and audiences.

  • Public groups are visible and open to all employees. Anyone in the company can join a public group, and post, comment, and add files to it.
  • Private groups are open only to group members. People must request to join a private group. Only group members can post, comment, and add files.

And that’s all for Chatter for now, but don’t worry! If you want to be a rock-star Chatter user, we have a few modules in the resource section where you can really up your Chatter game.

Files and Flowers for Dreamscape

Even though Dreamscape is a flower business, Tracey and Jay often feel like they’re sending more files than flowers to their customers. From purchase orders to receipts and everything in between, managing the incoming and outgoing attachments can be a major headache for them.

The Files object in Essentials is just the solution they need. You can upload and share all of the files that you create and receive, so you never have to worry about a crashed computer or lost paperwork again.

You not only have access to the file, but also to the information surrounding it. For example, you can tell who uploaded the file, when they uploaded it, and what type of file it is—all from the list view in the File home screen.

Files Owned by Me

Securely sharing files with your customers is a breeze.

  1. In the Files Object, select the dropdown arrow.
    Dropdown highlight on the files screen
  2. Then click Share in the dropdown.
    Dropdown menu for download, share, view file details, and delete
  3. Then add the person you want to share the file with and click Done.
    Share Screen for Files

Sharing means caring when it comes to your business, and Essentials helps you connect with your colleagues and customers seamlessly.

You now know how Essentials helps you collaborate with your colleagues around files, records, and each other. Next, let’s check out how Essentials provides more ways to track your progress toward goals, and easy ways to power up your productivity.


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