Create Job Shifts

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create shifts for the campaign.
  • Understand the shift fields.
  • Assign volunteers to shifts for your event.
  • Reconcile volunteer hours when the event is over.

Create Shifts

Let’s review before moving on. You’ve created the top level of the structure: the campaign. (For EarthCorps, that’s the REVIVE event.) You’ve also created the second level of the structure: the jobs (setup crew, wait staff, bartenders, and cleanup crew). The last thing to do is create the structure’s third level—the shifts. We know this might seem to be getting complicated and tedious, but stick with us. The work will pay off . . .

Shifts are the dates and times that your volunteers are needed to work. Here are the shifts for EarthCorps’ REVIVE event.

Job Shifts Number of Volunteers
Setup crew 4–6 PM 2
Wait staff 6–8 PM, 8–10 PM 2 per shift
Bartenders 6–8 PM, 8–10 PM 1 per shift
Cleanup crew 10 PM–12 AM 2

(Psst . . . we know what you’re thinking. No way could you pull off a huge, amazing event like REVIVE with only 10 volunteers. We couldn’t either. Ten just seemed like a nice round number to illustrate our example. For your own volunteer event, go ahead and bump up these numbers.)

In V4S, shifts are located under their associated jobs, so you need to open a job record to create shifts.

  1. From the Campaign Detail page, click the Related tab to see the Volunteer Jobs related list.
  2. Click REVIVE - Setup Crew. The Volunteer Job Detail page opens. Screenshot of the Volunteer Job Detail page.
  3. Click the Related tab then click New in the Volunteer Shifts related list. Screenshot of Volunteer Shifts creation.
  4. Fill out the required fields. You can use Dianna’s data if you want.
    • Start Date & Time: 10/7/2016 4:00 PM
    • Duration (Hours): 2
    • Desired # of Volunteers: 2 (this value determines the number of people who can sign up for this shift on your website) Screenshot of Create Volunteer Shift page.
  5. Click Save. The Setup Crew Volunteer Shift detail page appears.

Yay! You’ve created the first shift. This example has only one shift for the setup crew job, so it was nice and simple. Now let’s create the rest of the shifts you need for your event.

Create More Shifts

You create each of the two wait staff shifts (6–8 PM and 8–10 PM) separately.

This time, instead of finding the jobs on the campaign detail page, let’s find them on the Volunteer Jobs tab.

  1. Click the Volunteer Jobs tab.
    The jobs you created are listed under Recent Volunteer Jobs.
  2. Click the Wait Staff volunteer job.
  3. On the Volunteer Job Detail page, click the Related tab then click New in the Volunteer Shifts related list.
  4. Fill out the required fields. Here’s Dianna’s information.
    • Start Date & Time: 10/7/2016 6:00 PM
    • Duration (Hours): 2
    • Desired # of Volunteers: 2
  5. Click Save.
    Now for the second shift from 8–10 PM.
  6. Click the Volunteer Shift record you just created, and click Clone.
  7. Change the following information.
    • Start Date & Time: 10/7/2016 8:00 PM
  8. Click Save.
  9. To see the shifts you created, go back to the Waitstaff volunteer job and click the Related tab. Screenshot of newly created Volunteer Shifts.

Great! Follow the same procedure to create two bartender shifts and one cleanup crew shift.

Bartenders 6–8 PM, 8–10 PM 1 volunteer per shift
Cleanup crew 10 PM – 12 AM 2 volunteers

When you’ve created all shifts for the REVIVE event, you can inspect them on the shift calendar.

Confirm Your Shifts on the Shift Calendar

  1. Click the Shift Calendar tab.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the month of October 2016 (or whatever month you entered for the shifts you created). You can then click the week button to get a closer view of the shifts. Screenshot Volunteers Shift Calendar.
  3. Mouse over the different shifts. You see the number of confirmed volunteers and the number of volunteer positions still available. (Confirmed volunteers are zero right now.)

Congratulations! You’ve created your first Volunteers for Salesforce structure. Not as scary as it seemed at first (we hope). Now that you have your jobs and shifts created, you need to find volunteers. We show you how to do that next.

Assign Volunteers to Shifts

You can use V4S to advertise the jobs and shifts on your website so that volunteers can sign up by themselves. We cover how to do that in a later module. For now, let’s look at how to enter volunteers manually to get a sense of how V4S works from the ground up.

But first, it’s time to come clean. We’ve been keeping a secret. The V4S structure also has a fourth level as part of the campaign, job, shift structure . . . hours. Yes, volunteer hours. But that’s the last level. We promise.

Cartoon clock.

When you enter a volunteer in V4S, Salesforce creates an hours record for that volunteer. The hours record lives under the shift. You can use the hours record to track the details of a volunteer’s time, including whether the volunteer actually showed up. Rather important information.

EarthCorps has such an amazing group of volunteers that all shifts tend to fill up immediately. Before they even announce the REVIVE event on the website, they already have the following volunteers:

  • Setup crew—Peter Delauranti, Tiffany Chan
  • Wait staff—Jan and Chris O’Toole, Mario Gonzales, Dylan Fernandez
  • Bartenders—Claire Henry, Mitch Krohn
  • Cleanup crew—Shin Shin Hsia, Nathan Booker

So now you need to assign all these wonderful volunteers to shifts, with hours. Let’s use the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours functionality to get these people into the system. Follow along with Dianna. You can use her volunteers’ names as examples, or enter volunteers from your own organization.



If the volunteers you’re entering don’t already exist as contacts in your Salesforce org, you need to create contacts for those volunteers before assigning shifts. We’re entering the above names in the next example steps, so if you’re following along, create those contacts first.

1. On the Shift Calendar, click the Setup Crew job. Screenshot of the Shift Calendar

2. On the Setup Crew Volunteer Shift Detail page, click the Related tab, and click Mass Edit Volunteer Hours in the Volunteer Hours related list. Screenshot of Volunteer Shift Detail page and Mass Edit Volunteer Hours button.

You’re now on the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page. Let’s enter our setup crew.

3. In the first row of the contact column, enter the name Peter Delauranti.

You can also click the search icon to look for Peter or any other contact. Remember, if you don’t already have contact records for your volunteers, you need to create them.

4. Change the status to Confirmed. EarthCorps uses the Confirmed status for anyone who signs up to volunteer. After the person has completed volunteering, EarthCorps changes the status to Completed.

5. Add Tiffany Chan. Be sure to change her status to Confirmed.

6. Click Save.



Don’t forget to click Save each time you finish your edits for a given job or shift. If you move to another job or shift without saving, your changes are lost!

Screenshot of Mass Edit Volunteer Hours Page.Okay . . . you’ve got your setup crew assigned. Now it’s time to enter the wait staff. One great thing about the Mass Edit Volunteer Hours feature is that you can assign hours for all your different shifts without leaving the window. That’s the efficiency of V4S in action.

7. From the Volunteer Job drop-down list, select your Wait Staff job.

As a reminder, here are the volunteers for this job:

  • Jan and Chris O’Toole—6 PM shift
  • Mario Gonzales and Dylan Fernandez —8 PM shift

8. From the Volunteer Shift drop-down list, select the 6 PM shift. Screenshot of Volunteer Shift drop-down list.

9. In the first row of the contact column, enter the name Jan O’Toole (or click the search icon and search for her name).

10. Change Jan’s status to Confirmed.

11. In the second row of the contact column, enter the name Chris O’Toole.

12. Change Chris’s status to Confirmed and click Save.

13. From the Volunteer Shift drop-down list, select the 8 PM shift.

14. Repeat these steps to add Mario Gonzalez and Dylan Fernandez as volunteers for that shift. Don’t forget to click Save when you’re finished.

15. Assign the bartenders (Claire Henry, Mitch Krohn), and the cleanup crew (Shin Shin Hsia, Nathan Booker).

Use everything you’ve learned so far about Mass Edit Volunteer Hours to select the appropriate jobs and shifts from the drop-down menus. Don’t forget to click Save when you’ve finished entering volunteers for a shift!

So the volunteers are in. Now you can have your fundraising dinner and raise some money.

Reconcile Volunteer Hours

The event is now over and was a huge success. All the guests had a great time, and EarthCorps raised tons of money.

Picture of EarthCorps guest posing in a photo booth.

The last thing Dianna needs to do is to reconcile the hours people worked so that she has an accurate account of what her volunteers did.

Here’s the sign-in sheet from the night of the event.

Name Job Time In Time Out
Peter Delauranti Setup 3:45 6:00
Tiffany Chan Setup 4:00 6:00
Jan O’Toole Waiter 6:00 8:30
Chris O’Toole Waiter 6:00 8:30
Mario Gonzales Waiter 8:00 10:15
Dylan Fernandez Waiter 7:45 10:00
Claire Henry Bartender 6:00 8:00
Mitch Krohn Bartender 7:45 10:00
Shin Shin Hsia Cleanup 10:00 Midnight
Nathan Booker Cleanup 10:00 Midnight

So, let’s reconcile the hours. You can follow along using Dianna’s info or enter your own data. Once again, you can use V4S’s awesome Mass Edit Volunteer Hours functionality to do all this.

1. In V4S, click the Shift Calendar tab and then click the Setup Crew job. Screenshot of Shift Calendar.

The Setup Crew Volunteer Shift Detail page opens.

2. Click the Related tab then click Mass Edit Volunteer Hours. Screenshot of Volunteer Shift Detail page.

3. Select the Setup Crew Volunteer job. In the Volunteer Shift drop-down list, select the 4:00 PM shift.

4. Make adjustments to hours actually worked. For example, if a volunteer worked 2.25 hours instead of 2.00, make that change.

5. Change the status of the volunteers who showed up to Completed and click Save. Screenshot of Mass Edit Volunteer Hours page.

6. Change the Volunteer Job again, this time to the Wait Staff job. Then from the Volunteer Shift drop-down list, select the 6 PM shift.

7. Make adjustments to hours as necessary, change the statuses to Completed, and click Save.

8. Repeat this process for the 8:00 PM shift, and click Save.

9. You know the rest. Update the correct hours for your bartenders and cleanup crew, clicking Save each time you’ve updated the hours for a shift.

And You’re Done!

Before you log out, let’s look at the campaign to review all the awesome volunteer hours associated with the big event.

  1. In V4S, click the Campaign tab and select your campaign from the Recent Campaigns list.
  2. Click the Related tab.
  3. In the Volunteer Jobs related list, click View All to review the number of completed hours per job. Screenshot of Volunteer Jobs related list.
  4. To see details about a particular job, click that job.

    You can see the following details: number of shifts, number of volunteers, and number of completed hours. Screenshot of Volunteer Job details.

An incredible accomplishment. We know that setting up and tracking all this information is no easy feat. But imagine trying to do this with spreadsheets? Although the structure of campaigns, jobs, and shifts (and hours!) can be complex, you can see how much easier it is to manage with Volunteers for Salesforce.


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