Create Volunteer Jobs

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create volunteer jobs for the campaign.
  • Review jobs you created.
  • Understand the job fields.

Create the First Job

Now it’s time to move to the next level down in your structure—the jobs. Before you get started, jot down the jobs that you need for your event. Here again are the EarthCorps jobs for REVIVE.

  • Setup crew: 4–6 PM
  • Wait staff: 6–8 PM and 8–10 PM
  • Bartenders: 6–8 PM and 8–10 PM
  • Cleanup crew: 10 PM–12 AM
  1. From the volunteer campaign you just created, click the Related tab and then click New in the Volunteer Jobs related list. Screenshot of Related tab and Volunteer Jobs related list creation.
  2. Enter the name of the job. Dianna is using REVIVE - Setup Crew.
  3. Select Display on Website. We know that we haven’t talked about website integration yet. But if you select this option now, you don’t have to come back and select it later.
  4. Enter the description and location information. The job description appears on the website, so make it as appealing as you can. You can use formatting, pictures, and links to jazz up the listing. Here’s the info that EarthCorps enters.
    • Description: Come join the EarthCorps staff and corps while they set up for REVIVE; tables, chairs, flowers, photo booth, gear, all the necessary things to have a fantastic REVIVE. There will be music, pizza and fun!
    • Location: 123 Main Street, Seattle, WA, 98125
    • Location Information:

The Historic Hangar 30

Doors open at 6:00 | Program at 7:30

Directions can be found here.

The Location Street, Location City, Location State/Province, and Location Zip/Postal Code fields integrate with Google Maps, if you have it enabled. You can also configure V4S to display a corresponding map on your website, but you need to fill out the custom setting Google Maps API Key first. For instructions, see the Volunteers for Salesforce Installation and Configuration Guide (available on the Volunteers for Salesforce Documentation page listed in the Resources section). Screenshot of Volunteer Job description and location information.

5. Optionally, link to a page on your website to provide more information, for example, written instructions and a map to the event. In the Location Information area, select some appropriate text and click the link icon in the toolbar to create the link. Screenshot of optional link to website feature.

6. Enter a URL, and click OK.

7. Click Save.

Nice work! You’ve created your first job. Don’t worry about the shifts yet. We create them later. Now onto the rest of the jobs.

Create More Jobs

Because you want to create another job for the same event, the easiest thing is to clone the Setup Crew job and then change the details.

  1. On the Setup Crew Volunteer Job Detail page, click the arrow ( Down arrow) and click Clone. Screenshot of Clone button.
  2. Change the volunteer job name and description. Dianna’s next job is for wait staff, and her description reads:
    Come join EarthCorps’ staff and corps while they hold their largest fundraiser of the year. We need wait staff to serve cocktails, dinner and dessert as well as to help clear dishes from the table. No previous experience necessary. It is a fun evening with music and laughter! Dinner is provided for all volunteers.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat this process for each job you need to create. Remember to use the Clone feature to make it easier on yourself. Here’s how Dianna describes the REVIVE bartender and cleanup crew jobs.
    Come join EarthCorps’ staff and corps while they hold their largest fundraiser of the year. We need Bartenders to mix a specialty cocktail provided and designed for EarthCorps by Black Bottle tavern in Bellevue Washington. Must be over 21. No previous experience necessary. Recipe will be provided. Dinner is provided for all volunteers.
    Cleanup Crew
    Come join EarthCorps’ staff and corps while they hold their largest fundraiser of the year. We need Cleanup Crew to help at the end of the night put the Magnuson Park hanger back to its original state! It takes about 2 hours with many hands helping including the corps program and all EarthCorps staff. The more people who help, the faster it will be. Dinner is provided for all volunteers.
    Wasn’t that as easy as pie? Cartoon pie.

Review the Jobs You Created

Now let’s look at your Campaign Detail page to see the jobs that you created.

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. In the Recent Campaigns list, click the campaign name.
  3. Click the Related tab to see the Volunteer Jobs related list.

Screenshot of Campaign Detail page.

Now it’s time to create shifts for each job.


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