Find the Right Volunteers

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain where to go to search for volunteers with specific skills.
  • Find a volunteer who has specific skills for a job.
  • Assign that volunteer to a shift and verify the signup.

Search for Volunteers

Months later, Cheasty Greenspace needs some landscaping help. Dianna knows she has at least one volunteer (and probably more) with landscaping skills, but she can’t remember who they all are. And she needs volunteers available on a particular day. Time to use V4S’s excellent volunteer search capabilities!

If you haven’t entered volunteer skills and availability data for any contacts, do that now so you can follow along with Dianna’s search.

  1. Click the Find Volunteers tab. Screenshot of Find Volunteers tab.

On the Find Volunteers page, you can search using the volunteer-specific custom fields: Volunteer Status, Volunteer Availability, and Volunteer Skills. You can also expand the search criteria to include more contact fields. To find out more, see the V4S Installation & Configuration guide (available on the Volunteers for Salesforce Documentation page listed in the Resources section). Screenshot of Choose Criteria page.

2. Choose your criteria. Dianna chooses Active for the Volunteer Status. Because the Cheasty Greenspace event is happening on a Tuesday morning, she chooses both Weekdays and Morning for Volunteer Availability. Finally, she chooses Landscaping as a skill.

3. Click Find to see a list of matching contacts. Dianna sees contacts who can do landscaping and are available on weekday mornings. Hurray for Peter Delauranti! Screenshot of contacts who match the specified criteria.

Assign a Volunteer from the Search Results Page

Now that Dianna has found the right volunteer, she can assign him to the Cheasty Greenspace job. We saw how to enter volunteer campaigns, jobs, and shifts in previous units. If you haven’t entered the same campaign, job, and shift information as Dianna, you can use your own organization’s data and assign the volunteer to the job of your choice.

  1. In the Volunteers section, select the checkbox for your chosen volunteers. Dianna selects Peter.
  2. In the Assign to a Job or Shift section, select the campaign, volunteer job, volunteer shift, and status. These are Dianna’s choices.
    • Campaign: City of Seattle
    • Volunteer Job: Cheasty Greenspace
    • Volunteer Shift: 10/8/16
    • Status: Web Sign Up (We’re cheating a bit here to make sure that the automated Thank You email gets sent. In case you’re interested why we need to do this, the default workflow rule for the automated Thank You email requires this value. V4S works on the principle that, first and foremost, volunteers who sign up on the website receive email acknowledgments immediately.)
    • Hours: 3
  3. Click Assign.

Dianna has completed the process of signing Peter up for the Cheasty Greenspace job in V4S. Because she’s using V4S’s automated email functionality, she knows Peter is immediately notified of this new volunteer opportunity. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Verify the Sign-Up

To verify that Peter is signed up for the job, let’s take a quick look at the Volunteer Hours related list on Peter’s contact record.

  1. On the Find Volunteers page, click the contact’s name. Dianna clicks Peter’s name.
  2. On the Contact Detail page, click the Related tab and scroll down to the Volunteer Hours related list. You see the shift you just added on the related list. On Peter’s record, we see the Cheasty Greenspace 10/8 shift. Great work!


If you don’t see the Volunteer Hours related list, you might need to add it to the contact page layout.

Volunteer Hours list


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