Find Your Way Around V4S

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Find your way around in V4S.
  • Identify new V4S fields on campaigns and contacts.
  • Locate Volunteers for Salesforce resources.

Navigating the Volunteers for Salesforce App

To open V4S, select the Volunteers application from the App Launcher. You see the following tabs.

V4S tabs that appear after selecting the Volunteers application.

  • Volunteers Help—Go to the V4S Help page.
  • Volunteers Wizard—Create new campaigns, jobs, and shifts.
  • Volunteer Jobs—Manage volunteer jobs.
  • Shift Calendar—See all volunteer shifts in a calendar view.
  • Find Volunteers—Filter volunteers to find the right one for a job.

New Fields Added to Standard Objects

If you’re using the Nonprofit Success Pack, you’re familiar with using contacts and campaigns to track your constituents and marketing initiatives, respectively. V4S uses the same objects, but expands their use with other fields to address volunteer management.

These fields let you track volunteering data right alongside donation data and any other information you’re storing in your contact records.

Here are the new fields on a contact.

  • Volunteer Status
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Volunteer Organization
  • Volunteer Skills
  • Volunteer Availability
  • Volunteer Notes
  • Volunteer Manager Notes
  • First Volunteer Date
  • Last Volunteer Date
  • Volunteer Last Web Signup Date
  • Volunteer Auto-Reminder Email Opt Out

Screenshot of new fields on the contact.

Here are the new fields on a campaign.

  • Number of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Completed Hours
  • Volunteers Still Needed
  • Volunteer Jobs
  • Volunteer Shifts
  • Volunteer Website Time Zone

Screenshot of new fields on a campaign.

Volunteers for Salesforce Resources

As you make your way through the V4S modules and learn more about V4S, you might get the itch to explore more on your own. provides free resources for V4S users. (Check out the Resources section for the links.)

Your first stop should be the comprehensive V4S documentation. The docs cover everything from installation to everyday use to frequently asked questions.

Another valuable resource is the Power of Us HUB—’s vibrant online community. In the HUB, your fellow nonprofits discuss all questions great and small. It’s the place to be if you’re part of a nonprofit using Salesforce and V4S.

The Power of Us Hub logo.

Nonprofit community members also host a weekly Office Hours webinar where you can get your V4S questions answered. The webinar is staffed by a team of Salesforce experts familiar with nonprofits and higher education institutions.

In addition, there are local Salesforce user groups all over the world where people meet offline to discuss best practices, tips and tricks, and general Salesforce information. If there’s a user group near you, join the community!


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