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Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify key features for our Advertising Studio, Audience Studio, and Salesforce Data Studio products.
  • Explain use cases for each product.


In this unit, we show you how Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio, Audience Studio, and Salesforce Data Studio products and solutions help create custom audiences and combine data from any source to deliver more targeted marketing.

Advertising Studio

No one likes getting ads for things that aren’t relevant to them—and no marketer wants to waste money creating those sort of ads. You don’t want to advertise new acquisition offers to existing customers, right? And you probably don’t want to send a customer an offer for a product they’ve just purchased. So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen? With Advertising Studio, you can reach the right audience, with the most relevant campaign, at the right time using your Salesforce CRM data.

With Advertising Studio you can:

  • Use CRM data to reach customers and prospects on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Attract new prospects whose purchasing habits behave like your current high-value customers using Salesforce with Facebook Lookalike Audiences or Google Similar Audiences.
  • Coordinate advertising with email to reach more of your audience. Increase the potential for more sales by targeting customers in email and ad platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Effectively identify and reconnect with customers who are no longer interacting with your brand—and connect with them on their preferred channel.
  • Improve ROI and reduce spend by optimizing your ad campaigns and suppressing irrelevant audiences from your campaigns.
  • Connect with Pardot and Sales Cloud to coordinate your advertising with lead scoring, email nurture campaigns, and your sales teams.
  • Create Facebook ad campaigns in Journey Builder to extend the reach of your email marketing and build cross-channel journeys across email, mobile, and Facebook ads—without a separate digital advertising team.
  • Automatically take leads you get from Facebook and integrate them into Salesforce—then take immediate action with sales and marketing teams.
  • Increase the ROI from your Google Ads strategy by segmenting your prospects and existing customer campaigns.
  • Synchronize customer records instantly from any digital channel and make sure they’re always up to date—whether you’re managing campaigns for dozens or millions.

Advertising Studio Use Cases

  • Raise awareness for your brand or service.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Onboard new customers (for example, those who have just signed up for your email).
  • Engage current customers (for example, suggest products that a customer might like based on their likes/dislikes).
  • Reengage current customers who have not made a purchase or interacted with your brand.
  • Upsell and cross-sell customers with offers of interest based on what you know about them.
  • Optimize your advertising strategy by eliminating current customers from campaigns that are not relevant.

Audience Studio

Audience Studio is Salesforce's data management platform (DMP), which captures and analyzes consumer data for marketers. Audience Studio can take data from various sources and unify that data to individual consumers. An Audience Studio user can then group those individual consumers into audience segments. For example, a user might group consumers that work out or play sports into a segment called Fitness Enthusiasts. Users can then use that segment to engage consumers in marketing campaigns for a fitness apparel brand. And because the Audience Studio can hold billions of pieces of data, you can gain deep insights about your target consumers that can be used to optimize your marketing.

Audience Studio Use Cases

Personalization: Gather all your data to gain a 360-degree view of your target consumers to drive more personalized marketing engagements across channels in your digital advertising campaigns. Let’s say you’re an airline looking to engage customers with different messages and offers based on whether they are traveling for business or for leisure. Audience studio allows you to more easily tailor and personalize content based upon the deep knowledge you have about that consumer. 

Gain insights: Let's say you want to know more about whether your target audience is more likely to attend music festivals or sporting events; you can use the data inside Audience Studio to get that type of insight that can inform all of your marketing.

Salesforce Data Studio

Salesforce Data Studio is a data sharing platform for marketers, brands, and publishers. It allows marketers to expand their reach, discover new audiences, and supercharge their DMP. Brands and publishers use it to safely share and provision their owned data with secure permissions to drive incremental revenue.

Salesforce Data Studio Use Case

Marketers are always looking to acquire new customers, and they often want access to data that publishers own. Historically, publishers and data owners have been reluctant to share their data because they couldn’t control what information was shared and with whom. Data Studio solves both problems. It’s a secure environment that is fully controlled by data owners, so data buyers and data sellers can feel safe while doing business. The end result: Marketers connect with bigger and more targeted audiences, and publishers get paid for controlled access to their data.


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