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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you'll be able to:

  • Identify Datorama's unique marketing benefits and use cases.
  • Identify the key capabilities and use cases enabled by the partnership and integration with Google Analytics 360.


It’s time to dive into the Marketing Cloud measurement and analytics solutions, which include Datorama and our integration with Google Analytics 360. You learn how these products can help you measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness across all digital channels and devices. These products use AI, giving you data-driven insights to deliver personalized experiences with your brand.


As a modern marketer, you communicate about your brand every day across different regions, channels, and campaigns. Throughout the customer journey, you’re engaging with audiences on a variety of platforms, including email, mobile, social, programmatic, search, web, CRM, e-commerce, and point of sale. You’re using a lot of different technologies to engage your customer in a personalized way. This can often lead to a disconnected customer journey. What you need is a single source of truth for all of your marketing and customer data—a centralized system of record where you can store and pull near real-time insights about your customers’ needs to help shape campaigns and optimize customer engagement. 

With Datorama, you have this kind of connected transparency for your customers. Using cross-platform marketing intelligence, Datorama makes it possible for marketers like yourself to connect all of your marketing data in one place. You can use Datorama to use AI-powered insights and automate cross-channel reporting. Finally, you can create alerts, schedule, permission, and share dashboards with internal and external stakeholders, which enables information sharing and collaboration. Together, these provide the tools, time, and insight to optimize marketing campaigns, in near real time, while driving ROI and growth.

With Datorama, you can:

  • Connect and unify marketing data sources: Use AI to integrate, streamline, and classify all customer data into a single view.
  • Visualize AI-powered insights: Quickly surface insights to optimize channel and campaign performance almost in real time.
  • Report across channels and campaigns: Create powerful one-click dashboards, custom visualizations, and shareable reports.
  • Collaborate and act to drive ROI: Make every insight actionable with cross-platform alerts and activations to optimize campaigns and increase ROI.

Through increased transparency and speed, Datorama helps you measure, report, and optimize your total marketing performance and impact to maximize ROI and drive growth.

Datorama Use Cases

  • Generate a holistic view of all marketing campaign performance.
  • Tie marketing campaigns and spend to business outcomes, such as conversions or sales.
  • Measure ROI of all marketing efforts.
  • Streamline reporting processes and build internal and external alignment.
  • Automate performance reports on various levels (for example, high level for CMO, detailed level for analysts).
  • Effectively align messaging, creative, and channels by audience segment.

Google Analytics 360

You're probably familiar with Google Analytics for measuring and reporting user activity on your brand's owned websites and apps. In fact, if you think about all of the websites you visited before reading this, it's likely they're using Google Analytics on their pages. Google Analytics 360 is the enterprise version of Google Analytics and includes more advanced analyses, more integrations with Google’s ads products, and seamless integration with Marketing Cloud.

We know that your web analytics platform and your Marketing Cloud stack go hand in hand. That’s why we’re simplifying how you work with these two systems by reducing the manual setup with automation and improving the quality and quantity of data being synchronized for analysis. This way, you get a better view of your customer, data-driven insights, and the ability to create more meaningful moments on your way to building customer relationships.

With the integration of Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Easily link the two systems to share reporting views and audiences.
  • Understand how effective your journeys and emails are in driving time on site, purchases and other goal conversions when they reach your website or app.
  • Discover what content in your journeys drives the most engagement beyond the click.
  • Better attribute the success of your marketing activities and spend across Google Ads and Marketing Cloud channels.
  • Optimize web experiences based on engagement across other channels, such as email and SMS.
  • Extend the conversations you have with web and app visitors into other channels by seamlessly sharing Analytics 360 audiences for activation in Marketing Cloud.

Google Analytics 360 Audience as an entry source into a Marketing Cloud journey

Google Analytics 360 Use Cases

  • Cross-channel analytics: View the performance of your marketing emails, website, and mobile app activity in a quick-view Journey Analytics dashboard within Marketing Cloud.
  • Content performance: Understand which pieces of content drive ongoing customer engagement beyond the first email click—know how much time they spend on your site or completing web forms.
  • Marketing attribution: Enrich the attribution reports in Analytics 360 with Marketing Cloud engagement data to give you a more complete and accurate view of which channels and tactics lead to the best results.
  • Website optimization: Use your Marketing Cloud campaign engagement data in Analytics 360 and share to Optimize 360 to enhance your site optimization and personalization strategy.
  • Audience activation: Build audiences in Analytics 360 based on actions or inactions visitors take on the site, then share those audiences to Marketing Cloud so marketers can interact with matched individuals and re-engage them across channels.


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