Use Entitlements in Customer Cases

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Apply your timeline of required steps to a customer case.
  • Describe common ways to customize entitlements in your org.

Create a Case from an Entitlement

The moment has come. A frantic hat-maker from the Hats, Inc. account emails Support and reports that their hat box maker is malfunctioning. First, your support team checks to make sure that Hats, Inc. has an active web support entitlement. It shows up in the Entitlement related list on the account:
Entitlements related list
After your team determines that they can provide support to the customer, it’s time to create a high-priority case.
  1. You should still be on the Hats, Inc. detail page. In the Entitlements related list, click Create Case next to the Standard Web Support entitlement.
  2. Use these settings:
    • Priority = High
    • Subject = Malfunctioning Hat Box Maker
    • Case Origin = Web
  3. Leave the rest of the fields as is, and click Save.
Because you created the case from the Entitlements related list on the Hats, Inc. detail page, the Entitlement and Account fields on the case are automatically populated. And since the Hats, Inc. entitlement uses your Standard Support process, the Resolution Time milestone for high-priority cases automatically starts counting down on the case’s feed. Users can see the countdown in the milestone tracker, which you added to the case feed earlier. Cool beans!
Milestone tracker


  • Click Show More in the milestone tracker to view all milestones on the case.
  • No matter how a case is created, you can manually update the Entitlement field to list the right entitlement.


Closing this case doesn’t automatically mark the milestone completed. However, you can set up an Apex trigger (view samples) to automatically mark a Resolution Time milestone completed when its case is closed.

What Happens Next

Let’s review what you’ve accomplished. You’ve set up an awesome entitlement process to enforce your Happy Customer policy. You applied the process to a customer entitlement, and used it in a case. How does this all fit into the bigger picture?

Well, here are some tips to get you started with the next steps:
  • You can apply the Standard Support entitlement process you created to any customer entitlement to enforce case resolution times. Just select the process in the Entitlement Process lookup field on an entitlement.
  • You can use the master milestone you created (Resolution Time) in any entitlement process to enforce case resolution SLA terms. Just add it to an entitlement process via the Milestones related list on the process.
  • To keep things simple, Salesforce limits the changes you can make to an entitlement process once it’s activated. If you want the option to create and maintain multiple versions of an entitlement process, enable entitlement versioning. When you set up a new version of an entitlement process, you can migrate entitlements and cases from the old version to the new one.
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