Market Your Services

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define your marketing strategy.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Generate leads for your services.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Your sales numbers are important but if people don’t know your brand, you’ll have a much harder time selling. That’s why you have to craft a clear marketing strategy early in your sales process.

The Market page in the Partner Community contains a lot of information about how to design and execute an effective marketing strategy. You can learn how to build your brand and optimize your marketing efforts across social media and AppExchange, as well as at events such as Dreamforce.

Let’s talk about a few strategies now.

Salesforce provides a number of branding and PR guidelines. These guidelines help you build a successful brand and comply with Salesforce branding policies. Be sure to include the Salesforce Partner badge in all your marketing materials. And give plenty of love to your logo and other creative assets—we all want them to reflect positively both on your firm and on your partnership with Salesforce.

Speaking of logos, one of your most important marketing differentiators is your visual brand. Everywhere your practice is present, your logo should be too. Whether you’re working on a new app or pushing an email campaign, make sure that your brand is front and center.

Another valuable asset in your toolbox is your team. Team members can help you spread the word about your services, but you need to provide them with the right messaging. Keep your team in the loop about what you as a firm want to emphasize about your product’s value.

Take to AppExchange

If you’re not familiar with AppExchange, let us introduce you: AppExchange is the premier marketplace for Salesforce Partners. We’re not going to go over every little detail of how you use it right now. You can check out the AppExchange Basics module for more details about creating and executing an AppExchange strategy. For now, let’s stick to how you can use AppExchange when marketing your services.

The AppExchange is a huge catalog of Salesforce apps by partners.

Because AppExchange is the official store for Salesforce apps, it’s often the first place potential customers encounter your brand. Check that your AppExchange listing is complete, useful, and clean. Take a look at this listing for Salesforce’s Agile Accelerator to get an idea of how you should craft your own listing.

The listing for Agile Accelerator includes all the app's details and is visually appealing.

Like other app stores, AppExchange is a visual experience. You want to make sure that the strong visual brand we talked about earlier is included in your listing. For tips on how to create an awesome listing, go the AppExchange Listing page in the Partner Community.

Share Your Success

Customer success stories are a powerful way to promote your brand. Once you’ve made your first sale, you should start thinking about crafting a narrative to showcase that customer’s success with your services. Here at Salesforce, we love to share our customer stories with the world.

The Salesforce customer success stories site helps potential customers see our benefits.

Particularly for new firms, customer success stories have a few benefits:

  • They raise awareness of your brand.
  • They reassure potential customers that your service is valuable.
  • They show potential buyers that you’re friendly and customer-focused.

After you make a few sales, ask your customers to talk to you about their experience with your service and with your firm. Sharing these stories can dramatically boost your lead generation and speed up the growth of your business.

By now you’re probably ready to kick back with a nice cold apple juice and watch your practice boom. But before we finish, let’s talk about managing your business long-term.


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