Optimize Send Frequency

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein Engagement Frequency works.
  • Activate Einstein Engagement Frequency.
  • Use a Frequency Split in Journey Builder.

Einstein Engagement Frequency 

In new relationships, there is a fine line between calling too often and not calling enough. Similarly in email, it’s hard to know if you are sending too many or too few emails. If you send too many emails you might get more unsubscribes (which can impact overall deliverability), while sending too few means leaving potential money on the table. Worse yet, that frequency threshold is different based on who you ask.

Einstein is here for you yet again! Einstein Engagement Frequency uses AI to help predict how often you should send your email communications. This Einstein feature takes some of the guesswork out of email sending by identifying the optimum number of email messages to send for each contact. And even better, you can use this information to segment your audience according to saturation level in Journey Builder. 

How It Works

So how does the Einstein Engagement Frequency Model work? The model makes calculations using the last 28 days of email engagement and behavioral data, including when messages are sent and opened, as well as unsubscribes. Each contact’s data is analyzed in comparison to the frequency of messages sent to them to generate a personalized engagement frequency score. 

Based on this score, contacts are classified as having Saturated, On Target, or Undersaturated message frequency. The model analyzes how often each contact is sent to and how send frequency affects engagement. Engagement generally increases when send frequency increases until a contact reaches saturation.

Activate Einstein Engagement Frequency

Why wait? Let’s activate. But before you do, please note that you need Journey Builder in your account to use this functionality. If you have Journey Builder, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Setup app in Marketing Cloud.
  2. Search Einstein from the Quick Find field and then click Einstein Engagement Frequency.
  3. Click Activate Einstein Engagement Frequency.

All good things take time. Wait up to 72 hours to allow the activation process to complete.



Curious how the Einstein Engagement Frequency model works? Visit the help page to learn more about the model details.

Using Send Frequency In Journey Builder

Once activated, you can use this tool within Journey Builder to make sending the right number of messages easy and smart. The Frequency Split automatically segments contacts based on their desire to receive emails and utilizes real-time send metrics in order to make these decisions.

Let’s review your segment options in Journey Builder.



This is the segment containing all the contacts who have received more email messages than they prefer.

Limit the number of emails this group gets and try reaching out to them on a different channel. 

Almost Saturated

This is the segment containing the contacts that are very close to becoming saturated. You can customize this setting to select subscribers who are one email away or up to five emails away from becoming saturated.

This segment can serve as an early warning indicator and can be customized per journey. Focus on sending only the most important emails to this group.


This is the segment containing contacts who have been receiving fewer than their preferred number of emails

Experiment with adding an additional email or two to this path. You can also try out new content with this group.

On Target 

This is the segment containing the contacts who have been receiving the optimal number of emails.

Keep doing what you are doing.



When a contact lacks enough engagement history for Einstein’s model, the contact is assigned a default score and is added to the associated path.

Add a Frequency Split to a Journey

Let’s review the steps to add a Frequency Split to a journey.

  1. Drag the Frequency Split activity to a place on the canvas where you want Einstein to segment your audience.
  2. Click the activity.
  3. Click Add Path next to each of the segment paths you wish to include: Saturated, Almost Saturated, Undersaturated, or On Target.
  4. When you add the Almost Saturated path, select the appropriate saturation limit (from 1 to 5 emails) that indicates which contacts on this path reach saturation.
  5. Click Done.

Now your emails are optimized for when you send and how often you send.

Dashboard Insights

Finally, head to the Einstein Engagement Frequency Dashboard to see all of the great insights being generated.

Frequency Dashboard charts with callouts for each tile

All charts display account data from the last 28 days (or 4 weeks). 

(1) How Saturated is My Contact Base? Based on engagement data, this bar chart shows the breakdown of contacts within your business unit according to the segments: On Target, Saturated, and Undersaturated.

(2) How Do Saturation Levels Correspond to Frequency? In this chart you can toggle between totals and percentages in order to see how many emails are sent within the saturation groups. For example, among customers who received 20 emails last month, how many of them were Saturated, On-Target, or Undersaturated? 

(3) How Does Message Engagement Correspond to Frequency? This line chart shows engagement metrics (average open, click, and unsubscribe rates) and how they correspond to the frequency of messages you sent to your customers. You can select all three line charts together or individually by clicking the corresponding metrics in the legend.

Pretty cool, right?

Now you know the ins and outs of Einstein in Marketing Cloud—your very own marketing genius. Plus, these features continue to get smarter. Even while you’re sleeping, Einstein is working away—accelerating your marketing strategy by predicting your subscribers’ behavior, serving up the products and content they want to see, and sending that content when and how often they want to see it. And for marketers, that’s even better than pulling a rabbit from a hat.


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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