Get to Know Einstein Messaging Insights

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Define an Einstein Messaging anomaly.
  • Identify what is monitored by Einstein Messaging Insights.
  • Activate Einstein Messaging Insights.

Before You Start

Before you start this module, make sure you complete Einstein for Marketing Cloud Basics. The work you do here builds on the concepts and work you do in that badge. Also, talk to your account executive about requirements for using Einstein features within Marketing Cloud. We assume you are a Marketing Cloud admin with the proper permissions to activate Einstein features. If you’re not an admin for Marketing Cloud, that’s OK. Read along to learn how your admin would take the steps in a production org. Don’t try to follow these steps in your Trailhead Playground. Marketing Cloud isn’t available in the Trailhead Playground. 

Einstein in Marketing Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of digital marketing. When you put Einstein and Marketing Cloud together, you get a powerful tool that gives you a competitive edge in your marketing. As a refresher, Einstein is Salesforce’s AI brand and includes all of our intelligent products or services. In this module, Einstein—the brilliant scientist—becomes a brilliant marketer and your personal assistant. With his help and insights, you can improve segmentation, automate content selection, and optimize how and when you engage with your customers. 

Einstein Messaging Insights

Our AI journey begins with your marketing personal assistant, Einstein. No matter where you are in Marketing Cloud, Einstein is looking out for you! Einstein Messaging Insights offers—you guessed it—insight into how your email messages and journeys are performing. Find the Einstein notification badge in Marketing Cloud’s header, next to feedback and your account information. 

Einstein Messaging Insights icon

The notification badge shows you when an anomaly (an unexpected event) occurs. 

Einstein insights popup with the View All Insights circle

What Does Einstein Messaging Insights Monitor?

Einstein monitors the open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rates of both batch and journey email sends. If something looks particularly high or low (compared with your historical data), a note or insight is generated. Einstein uses up to 90 days of performance data to create an average of expected performance. This average is used as the expected value for the variable that’s measured. Einstein evaluates each journey and each batch email send once a day. But it doesn’t stop after the send date. Einstein Messaging Insights tracks events, such as opens and clicks, for many days after sending. 

As we mentioned, Einstein Messaging Insights monitors both journeys and batch sends. For journeys, it is important to know that rather than analyzing a single journey email against that email’s previous performance, Einstein analyzes all email activities in a journey. Just know that top contributing factors, like subject line length or time of send, are not available for journey insights.

Einstein Messaging Insights Dashboard

If you want to investigate one of Einstein’s alerts, simply click the insight or click View All Insights to be taken to the Einstein Messaging Insights Dashboard. Let’s take a look at an anomaly found on the dashboard for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO), an outdoor and sporting goods retailer. Einstein Messaging Insights dashboard with callouts for reasons for insight

The dashboard shows send-related information (1) for a welcome journey. This includes the total delivered for the day, and the reason for the notification (an anomaly in the unsubscribe rate). Additional information about the anomaly is provided below the chart. You can view each email in the journey and the number of emails delivered (2), along with the unsubscribe rate (3) that caused the anomaly. The change column (4) shows the percentage of change compared with the day before the anomaly was detected. Influence (5), shown as a scale of blue dots, represents the predicted impact of the anomaly on your journey or message. One blue dot represents a low impact, and five blue dots represent a high impact. 



Review your high-impact anomalies and determine what changes to make to your messages. And, on the flip side, review what is working and making a positive impact!

Get Started with Einstein Messaging Insights

Now that you see why you need Einstein as your personal assistant, let’s get configured.

  1. Navigate to Marketing Cloud Setup.
  2. Click Einstein.
  3. Click Einstein Messaging Insights.
  4. Activate Einstein Messaging Insights for your business unit.

 It’s a good idea to only select Messaging Insights on active business units that don’t use test data. 

And that’s it! Now that you are set up with insights, in the next unit we focus on improving segmentation using Einstein Engagement Scoring.


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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