+1,800 points

Skill Up for the Future with Trailhead

Use Trailhead to build marketable, relevant skills.

~3 hrs 5 mins
+300 points

Trailhead Basics

Get started with the fun way to learn.

~15 mins
+400 points

Career Development Planning

Build a career plan and learn how to land a job in the Salesforce ecosystem.

~50 mins
+200 points

Trailblazer Community Groups

See how the Trailblazer Community helps you learn, connect, and get inspired.

~20 mins
+600 points

Build an App to Track Your Trailblazer Journey

Build an app to store study materials and notes as you explore the Salesforce ecosystem.

~1 hr 5 mins
+300 points

Trailblazer Mentorship for Mentees

Build a meaningful mentoring relationship that gets you closer to your career goals.

~35 mins
~3 hrs 5 mins