+8,700 points

Develop for Lightning Experience

Build apps fast for Lightning Experience with Visualforce, components, and new design resources.

~14 hrs 5 mins
+300 points

Lightning Experience Basics

Discover how Lightning Experience benefits your business and learn how to launch it to your Salesforce users.

~55 mins
+1,100 points

Lightning Data Service Basics for Aura Components

Read and modify records in your components.

~1 hr 40 mins
+500 points

Build an Aura Component to Override a Standard Action

Create a component to change the default action of standard user interface elements.

~1 hr 15 mins
+1,300 points

Lightning Web Components Basics

Build reusable, performant components that follow modern web standards.

~1 hr 10 mins
~14 hrs 5 mins