+1,200 points

Build Your Career as a Salesforce B2C Commerce Functional Architect

Develop a B2C Commerce functional strategy and analyze your client's needs.

~1 hr 55 mins
+100 points

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Architect Roles: Quick Look

Learn about the focus and functions of four types of Commerce Cloud architects.

~5 mins
+200 points

Salesforce B2C Commerce Functional Consulting

Learn what a B2C Commerce functional architect does and explore project workflows.

~20 mins
+400 points

Salesforce B2C Commerce Client Analysis

Analyze your B2C Commerce client systems and implement an effective ecommerce solution.

~40 mins
+500 points

Project Documentation for Salesforce B2C Commerce Functional Architects

Create key functional consulting documents for a successful B2C Commerce implementation.

~50 mins
~1 hr 55 mins