+1,800 points

Increase Engagement and Nurture Leads with Pardot for Salesforce Classic

Deliver the right message at the right time and build strong customer relationships with Pardot.

~4 hrs 25 mins
+600 points

Pardot Process Automation for Salesforce Classic

Manage actions and tasks in Pardot using automation tools.

~1 hr 35 mins
+300 points

Pardot Lead Nurturing for Salesforce Classic

Learn about lead nurturing and build a content strategy for engagement programs.

~40 mins
+400 points

Pardot Engagement Studio for Salesforce Classic

Build responsive, highly personalized customer journeys using Engagement Studio in Pardot.

~50 mins
+500 points

Pardot Email Marketing for Salesforce Classic

Create and send emails to support your marketing automation strategy.

~1 hr 20 mins
~4 hrs 25 mins