+3,000 points

Enhance Service Cloud with Lightning Knowledge

Give agents the right information, at the right time, and in the right format to close cases.

~6 hrs 20 mins
+300 points

Knowledge Basics for Lightning Experience

Use Lightning Knowledge to create a knowledge base for better customer service.

~30 mins
+1,300 points

Lightning Knowledge Setup and Customization

Create record types and page layouts to optimize Lightning Knowledge for your business.

~2 hrs 5 mins
+400 points

Knowledge Search Basics

Learn how search works in Salesforce Knowledge and customize your org for better results.

~1 hr 10 mins
+500 points

Lightning Knowledge Migration

Unlock the full power of Knowledge by migrating to Lightning Knowledge.

~1 hr 35 mins
+500 points

Knowledge-Centered Service with Service Cloud

Handle customer requests using the Knowledge-Centered Service methodology.

~1 hr
~6 hrs 20 mins