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Trailhead Home
Trailhead Home
+2,300 points

Build Apps Fast with Salesforce Platform Services

Discover how to build social and mobile apps with either clicks or code.

~5 hrs 5 mins
+200 points

CRM for Lightning Experience

Get started with Salesforce CRM and explore Lightning Experience.

~40 mins
+300 points

Salesforce Einstein Basics

Discover insights and predict outcomes with this powerful set of AI-enhanced features.

~40 mins
+600 points

Einstein Analytics Basics

Uncover new insights from your business data using Einstein Analytics.

~50 mins
+700 points

AppExchange Basics

Extend the power of Salesforce with solutions and services from AppExchange.

~45 mins
+500 points

Build a Battle Station App

Build a project management app to construct a galactic Battle Station. No code required.

~2 hrs 10 mins
~5 hrs 5 mins