+5,000 points

Administer Salesforce from Anywhere During COVID-19

Learn how to manage users and data, secure your org, and create actionable reports while working from home.

~6 hrs 20 mins
+300 points

Best Practices for Working from Home

Stay connected and succeed while working from home during COVID-19.

~30 mins
+300 points

Virtual Collaboration

Learn how to collaborate with distributed teams and manage remote employees.

~55 mins
+200 points

User Management

Set up users and control how they can view or edit your business data.

~50 mins
+3,100 points

Data Security

Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.

~1 hr 50 mins
+400 points

Improve Data Quality for Your Sales and Support Teams

Clean up data with validation rules, formula fields, lookup filters, and Process Builder.

~45 mins
+700 points

Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers

Track key business information for your stakeholders with reports and dashboards.

~1 hr 30 mins
~6 hrs 20 mins