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Lightning Experience Specialist

Power up your sales reps with a super-charged interface and process automation.

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Lightning Experience Specialist

What You'll Be Doing to Earn This Superbadge

  1. Show what you know about Sales Process
  2. Provide tailored guidance for sales reps to close deals
  3. Show what you know about rolling out Lightning Experience
  4. Create three process flows with Process Builder
  5. Customize separate service processes for two types of cases
  6. Import data from legacy sales and fulfillment systems
  7. Improve sales and support rep efficiency by customizing the Lightning UI

Concepts Tested in This Superbadge

  • Lightning Experience UI
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Lightning App Builder


Before you begin the challenges, please review Lightning Experience Specialist: Trailhead Challenge Help.

Prework and Notes

  • Grab a pen and paper. You may want to jot down notes as you read the requirements.

  • Create a new Trailhead Playground for this superbadge. Using this org for any other reason might create problems when validating the challenge.

  • Install the unmanaged LEX Superbadge package (package ID: 04tB0000000Q3MT). You might be required to add extra custom fields to standard and custom objects to complete the challenge. If you have trouble installing a managed or unmanaged package or app from AppExchange, follow the steps in this article

  • Rename the standard objects listed in the requirements below to the appropriate Relaxation Gauntlet schema labels specified.

  • For the purpose of this challenge, assume that all reports that relate to opportunities run using opportunity product service dates from 1/1/2026 to 12/31/2026. Yes, that’s right. 2026.

Use Case

You’re the new Salesforce admin for Relaxation Gauntlet, the leading provider of epic vacation packages. The company specializes in outdoor adventures—trekking, rock climbing, scuba diving, snowboarding, and more. Relaxation Gauntlet offers an adrenaline rush for everyone.

Your goal is to redesign the UI and optimize the org so that it’s as sleek and efficient as a zipliner in flight. Relaxation Gauntlet is rightly proud of its reputation for amazing customer service and transparent services and contracts. Your work tuning the org will not only help the company automate, but also help reps maintain their high quality of service.

Standard Objects

  • Opportunity—Potential sale of an adventure package to individual customers

  • Adventure Package (Opportunity Product object renamed)—vacation, adventure, or excursion associated with a sales opportunity, including the explorer who is taking the adventure and the date of the adventure (use ServiceDate field)

  • Adventure (Product object renamed)—Different vacation, adventure, or excursions products sold by Relaxation Gauntlet

  • Explorer (Contact object renamed)—Prospective or existing customer

  • Case—One of two record types:

    • Issues reported by a customer
    • Issues reported by an expedition leader

Custom Objects

  • Fulfillment—Purchased adventure package. This object contains the scheduling information, forms like waivers or insurance, and all details specific to the excursion booked. This object separates the sales records from the adventure audit records.

Entity Diagram

This is the entity diagram of the standard and custom objects used in this Superbadge. It shows the relationships between Case, Contact, Opportunity Product, Product, Opportunity, and Fulfillment.

Business Requirements

You’ve developed the following set of requirements over the course of many meetings with Relaxation Gauntlet stakeholders.

Streamline Sales Reps for Success

As a global company, Relaxation Gauntlet wants to make sure that its entire sales organization is aligned with how to sell adventure packages.

Sales Process Customization

Update the existing Opportunity Stages to only these values (with their probability): New (10%), Needs Information (20%), Negotiation (40%), Negotiation Rejected (40%), Awaiting Approval (60%), Deposit Made (70%), Scheduled (80%), Completed (100%), Cancelled (0%). The sales process named Individual Opportunity includes all stages.

In each stage of each pipeline, highlight key fields to monitor (see below) and include appropriate guidance for success to help sales reps make the sale. Name it Opportunity Path. Note that Completed takes the place of Closed Won in the standard CRM stages, and Cancelled takes the place of Closed Lost.

Stage Fields Guidance for Success
New Application Submitted, Amount, Needs Insurance, Needs Waiver, Adventure Cost
  • Ask customer about favorite vacations and activities
  • Share adventure photos from adventure record
  • Share testimonials from other explorers
  • Talk about the best time of year to go
  • Mention related adventures the customer might be interested in around the same time
  • Needs Information Application Submitted, Needs Insurance, Needs Waiver
  • Mention necessary waiver, insurance, certifications, etc. upfront
  • Ask - "Is there anything else you'd like to know or need in order to submit your forms?"
  • Follow up for all application forms
  • Negotiation Discount, Promo Code, Adventure Cost, Amount
  • If the buyer seems likely to walk away from the deal, discount 10%
  • If the buyer negotiates, and there are more than 5 people involved, you can discount up to 25%
  • Use the promo "CUST05" for an instant 5% rebate if there is no negotiation involved. Leave discount blank in this case. Tell the customer about complimentary rebate.
  • Negotiation Rejected Discount, Adventure Cost, Amount
  • Adjust discount based on package owner feedback
  • Renegotiate with new adjusted discount
  • Log renegotiation details before changing status to awaiting approval
  • Awaiting Approval Discount, Adventure Cost, Amount Post your negotiation justification into the Chatter feed and @mention package owner
    Deposit Made n/a
  • Follow up on questions or needs from explorer
  • Contact fulfillment team about special needs or scheduling details
  • Scheduled n/a Close the loop with fulfillment team on payment, insurance, and waiver needs
    Completed n/a n/a
    Cancelled n/a n/a

    Opportunity Discount Approvals

    A big part of closing deals is the art of creative discounting. Of course, you can’t just give trips away for free, so you set up an approval process for all opportunities with discounts.

    This approval process, called Approval for Package Deal, is available whenever the opportunity stage is Awaiting Approval, and it assigns approvals back to the opportunity owner. If the opportunity owner approves the discount, the opportunity record’s stage is set to Scheduled. Otherwise, set the stage to Negotiation Rejected.

    You notice that the Discount field isn’t required; not wise considering you’ll be working with it for automating the approvals process. You require the field and set the default value to 0.

    Process Automation

    Create the following three automation procedures for the sales and fulfillment teams.

    Fulfillment Creation

    Create a process named Fulfillment Creation to automatically create a fulfillment record in Salesforce whenever an adventure package is created.

    As long as the opportunity stage is not Cancelled at the time an adventure is added and a fulfillment has not already been created for the adventure package, you create a new fulfillment record, and automatically populate several fields from the opportunity, adventure, and adventure package data.

    Set the status of the fulfillment record to New, and then map the fields as follows:

    Fulfillment Object Field Populate from this Object Using this Field
    Adventure Package Cost Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Total Price
    Expedition Leader (lookup) Adventure (Product2) Expedition Leader
    Adventure (lookup) Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Product
    Opportunity (lookup) Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Opportunity
    Explorer (lookup) Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Explorer
    AdventurePackageID Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Id
    Name Adventure Package and Adventure (Opportunity Product and Product2) Adventure Name - Adventure Package Id
    Schedule Date Adventure Package (Opportunity Product) Date

    Update the Adventure Package Fulfillment Creation field to true.

    Update the related Opportunity to reflect the waiver and insurance needs on the Adventure.

    • Set the 'Needs Insurance' field on the Opportunity to match the 'Needs Insurance' field on the Adventure record.
    • Set the 'Needs Waiver' field on the Opportunity to match the 'Needs Waiver' field on the Adventure record.

    Create a task for the sales rep to review the fulfillment, and remind rep to double check the explorer data is properly mapped to the fulfillment record.

    • Assign a task to the opportunity owner.
    • Add this task to the opportunity with Priority = Normal, Status = Not Started, and Subject = any sentence you choose to explain the task.

    As an extra precaution, you decide to create one more future action to remind reps to check the adventure package and fulfillment records.

    • Schedule a chatter post for the opportunity owner for 14 days from today.
    • Include the Adventure Name, Opportunity Name, and Adventure Package Id in the post.

    Sales Automation

    You want to make some additional changes to further automate your sales process. Create another process named Sales Automation.

    You’ll customize three opportunity stages with automation for each stage.

    Stage Process
    Awaiting Approval If the status changes to awaiting approval and there is a positive discount value, kick off the discount approval process. If no discount is applied, the status updates to Scheduled because no approval is needed when a package is purchased at full price.
    Deposit Made After a deposit has been made, it’s reflected on all fulfilment records related to the opportunity by setting the fulfillment status to Paid Deposit.
    Cancelled If an opportunity is cancelled, it’s reflected on all fulfilment records related to the opportunity by setting the fulfillment status to Cancelled.

    Fulfillment Cancellation Automation

    Create a third process named Fulfillment Cancellation Automation to handle cleaning up data if an opportunity is cancelled. If the fulfillment is cancelled before the scheduled adventure date, the explorer loses only their deposit. In this case, find the original adventure package that triggered the creation of the fulfillment record and update the sales price to equal only the deposit amount.

    Support Process

    In addition to sales, you need to automate service. Remove all existing Case Reason values, except for Feedback and Other. Then add the following new values: Injury, Equipment Related, SOS, Fulfillment Issue, Open Adventure Package Issue, Closed Adventure Package Issue, Scheduling, Cancellation/Refund, and Special Needs.

    Expedition Leader Support

    Create a way for expedition leaders to log cases from their phones and name it New Expedition Leader Case.

    Ensure the ability to create a new case is available from Lightning Experience, and for data integrity reasons, the new case should be created directly from the fulfillment record. This short form creates a case related for the fulfillment and includes the subject, description, reason, status, priority, and related explorer. The explorer and fulfillment information should be auto-populated with the related data from the fulfillment and have a default priority of High.

    Import Data

    You have adventure package and contact data that you need to import into Salesforce from a legacy system. You’ve already renamed the standard objects to match the legacy system’s schema. Import the data from this spreadsheet. Be sure to preserve the existing relationships in the data, and map as many fields as you can without creating new ones.

    User Experience Requirements

    After reviewing the Salesforce UI, you’ve decided to make a few simple changes.

    UI Changes for Sales Reps

    Sometimes reps show adventure records to prospective customers on their phones. Add the custom photo uploader component included in your unmanaged package to the top-level record view so that reps see it when they open an adventure record.

    Give sales reps a visual indicator to compare product performance. First, create a summary report on opportunities named Opp Stage by Adventure. Filter it by Product Date within the past year. For the purpose of this superbadge, assume this date range is 1/1/2026-12/31/2026. Second, add a stacked vertical bar chart of the number of explorers by product name, grouped by stage, to your summary report. Finally, add this chart to your Lightning Adventure Record Page with the label Adventure Stage Comparison. To ensure that this chart isn’t accidentally displayed to customers, add it to a new section called Adventure Comparison.

    UI Changes for the Fulfillment Team

    Fulfillment team members want to see key explorer and adventure data at the top of the fulfillment record for post-sales processing and scheduling needs. Create a view where the following fields are highlighted at the top: related contact, related adventure, the explorer’s preferred contact method, whether the explorer has submitted a waiver, and the fulfillment status. Although this is designed for the fulfillment team, ensure that everyone has access to this information in the view.

    General UI Changes

    Lastly, you want to help Relaxation Gauntlet employees find just what they need in the org. Modify the navigation menu so that employees see only the necessary tabs: Home, Explorers, Opportunities, Adventures, Fulfillments, Reports, and Dashboards.

    Enable this navigation for the sales, service, and fulfillment profiles (expedition leaders and fulfillment team members), system administrators, the custom support profile, and custom sales profile.



    Before you begin the challenges, please review Lightning Experience Specialist: Trailhead Challenge Help.

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