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Create a Trailhead Playground and Update Chatter

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Attention, Trailblazer!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience.

You can learn about switching between interfaces, enabling Lightning Experience, and more in the Lightning Experience Basics module here on Trailhead.

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Create a Chatter profile for the Mars rover.
  • Create a Chatter group for communications.
  • Create a custom object, custom tab, and a set of custom fields to enable communication.
  • Create a process to automate Chatter posts from the Mars rover.
  • Test your process.


“I need more hours in my day!”

More time. It’s one thing everyone wants, but it's the one thing we can’t have. Or can we?

Here at Trailhead we’ve heard your cries for more time to build skills. Good news! We’ve figured out how to give you approximately 40 extra minutes every day. Introducing: Trailhead on Mars.

It turns out that a day on Mars is roughly 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth. You can use those extra minutes to earn valuable badges, so we’ve decided to spearhead human settlement on Mars. Each Trailblazer who participates gets an extra 40 minutes, each and every day. Science!

Now, before you say goodbye to friends, family, and all your earthly possessions, you need to figure out where to settle. After all, there are acres and acres of nearly identical desolate valleys to choose from.

That’s where the rover comes in! There are two active rovers on Mars right now that we can connect with, using the power of Salesforce. Time to put those rovers to work as our real estate agents. In no time, they’ll find us the best patch of rusty Mars dirt to use as our Trailhead basecamp.

In order to prepare the settlement for human habitation by our goal date of 2020, we have to get started right away and we need all hands on deck. Will you join us?

In this hands-on project, you use Chatter and Process Builder to communicate with the rover, all in Lightning of course!

Let’s get started!

Create a New Trailhead Playground

You hand this org off to a rover once you’re done, so make a new Trailhead Playground (TP) just for this challenge.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this page.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Launch and choose Create a Trailhead Playground (login required).

Note that you can have up to 10 TPs at one time. (Need a fresh org, but already have 10 TPs? Either go to your profile and delete a Trailhead Playground then create another one, or sign up for a Developer Edition org at There’s no limit to the number of DE orgs you can have.)

Now get your Trailhead Playground set up for the Mars rover to use it. To start, update Chatter for the org.

Update the Rover Chatter Profile

The rover sends you dispatches from Mars using the power of Chatter, so we need to set up the rover’s profile before we hand it off.

  1. In your new Trailhead Playground, click View Profile iconand select your name.
    Screenshot showing where to click on your name
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter the following details.
    • First Name: Mars
    • Last Name: Rover
    • Country: Mars
      Screenshot showing the detail record for the Mars Rover user
  4. Click Save.
  5. We won’t test for this, but it’s a good idea to update the profile photo, too. Click the profile image and select Update Photo to upload an image. Choose any image you like, as long as it’s a JPG, GIF, or PNG file and smaller than 16 MB. We suggest the below image of a rover.
    Image of a Mars Rover

Create a Chatter Group for Updates

Now let’s create a centralized location for the rover to give us updates.

  1. Click App Launcher icon and select Groups.
    Screenshot showing location of Groups link.
  2. Click New.
  3. For Name, enter Life on Mars.
  4. For Access Type, select Public.
  5. Click Save & Next.
  6. We won’t test for this, but on the next two steps you can add a photo and members to the group.
  7. Click Done.

Great work! You’ve laid the foundation to establish communications with Mars. In the next step, we create a simple data model that lets us communicate with the rover and find our new home on the red planet.