Sign Up for a Trailhead Playground with Salesforce CPQ

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Sign up for a special Trailhead Playground with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Assemble a quote with a variety of one-time and subscription products.
  • Trigger automatic generation of orders, assets, contracts, and subscriptions.
  • Trigger automatic generation of renewal opportunities and quotes.
  • Amend a contract for ongoing services based on changes requested by the customer.


AW Computing recently started selling a variety of home security-related products, such as cameras and door sensors. To support these home security devices, the company has also started selling subscription services, including 24/7 home monitoring and off-site surveillance video storage. Salesforce CPQ makes it easy for the sales team to create quotes with these products quickly and accurately, but the story doesn’t end when the quote is approved, especially when subscriptions are involved.

Often, the next step in the sales process is to create an order, which is a way to track your promise to deliver products and services at a certain time. Instead of creating orders manually, you can use Salesforce CPQ to leverage quote data to generate orders automatically. Later, when a customer reaches the end of their subscription, there’s a good chance they will buy another year of the service. Salesforce CPQ makes selling renewals easy by keeping a lasting record of subscriptions related to each account, and then building renewal opportunities using that information. Furthermore, if the customer needs a change to their service, Salesforce CPQ simplifies amendments by creating opportunities and quotes based on their existing subscriptions, which the sales rep can update with a few clicks.

In this project, you’ll follow the story of a quote that has both subscription and hardware line items. From this quote, you’ll generate orders, trigger the creation of lasting records for subscriptions, quickly make a renewal opportunity for forecasting, and then create two amendment quotes to make changes to the customers subscribed services, effective on a future date. It’s a lot to do, and throughout the story you will play three roles.

  • Administrator: Update product records to effect the outcome of the sales process.
  • Sales Rep: Create quotes for the initial sale, as well as the amendment sales.
  • Sales Operations: Generate orders, contracts, assets, and subscriptions using built-in Salesforce CPQ functionality.

Sign Up for a Developer Edition Org with Salesforce CPQ

To complete this project, you need a special Developer Edition org that contains Salesforce CPQ and our sample data. Get the free Developer Edition and connect it to Trailhead now so you can complete the challenges in this project. Note that this Developer Edition is designed to work with the challenges in this badge, and may not work for other badges. Always check that you’re using the Trailhead Playground or special Developer Edition org that we recommend.

  1. Sign up for a free Developer Edition org with Salesforce CPQ.
  2. Fill out the form.
    1. For Email, enter an active email address.
    2. For Username, enter a username that looks like an email address and is unique, but it doesn't need to be a valid email account (for example,
  3. After you fill out the form, click Sign me up. A confirmation message appears.
  4. When you receive the activation email (this might take a few minutes), open it and click Verify Account.
  5. Complete your registration by setting your password and challenge question. Tip: Write down your username, password, and login URL for easy access later.
  6. You are logged in to your Developer Edition.

Now connect your new Developer Edition org to Trailhead.

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your Trailhead account.
  2. In the Challenge section at the bottom of this page, click the playground name and then click Connect Org.
  3. On the login screen, enter the username and password for the Developer Edition you just set up.
  4. On the Allow Access? screen, click Allow.
  5. On the Want to connect this org for hands-on challenges? screen, click Yes! Save it. You are redirected back to the challenge page and ready to use your new Developer Edition to earn this badge.

Now that you have a Salesforce CPQ-enabled org, you’re ready to use Salesforce CPQ to make orders, contracts, and maintain subscriptions.


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