Create a Quote for a Renewal Contract

Generate the Renewal Quote

Near the end of the two-year subscription term, you’re going to want to engage with Klein Manor again to sell them the renewal subscriptions; in other words, turn the renewal opportunity into an actual sale. To do this, we need a renewal quote. Yet again, Salesforce CPQ makes this easy.

  1. Click Accounts from the navigation bar.
  2. Click Klein Manor.
  3. Click the Related tab.
  4. In the Contracts related list, click the number of the contract.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Check the Renewal Quoted checkbox.
    This is what tells CPQ to make a quote on the renewal opportunity.
  7. Click Save.
    Salesforce CPQ is now working in the background to create a quote for the renewal opportunity.
  8. Click the Related tab.
  9. In the Renewal Opportunities related list, click Home security renewal.
    If a quote is not yet present in the Quotes related list, refresh your browser. It sometimes takes a minute for Salesforce CPQ to generate the quote.
    Quotes related list
  10. In the Quotes related list, click the number of the quote.
  11. Click Edit Lines.
    What you see is that only subscription line items appear in the quote, since there’s no reason to show the hardware from the original sale.
    Quote Line Editor page
    From this point forward, you can treat this just like any other quote. You could add or remove products, increase quantities, and apply discounts.
  12. Click Cancel.

In a way, you’re back where you started, with a quote containing a few subscription items, and the whole cycle can begin again! Use this quote to create an order. Use that order to create a contract with subscriptions. Use that contract to create a renewal opportunity. You’re now a pro at managing subscriptions, and the secret is letting Salesforce CPQ do all the work.

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