Plan Your Loyalty Program

Learning Objectives 

After completing this project, you’ll be able to:

  • Sign up for a special developer edition org with Loyalty Management enabled.
  • Create a loyalty program, tier groups, tiers, and currencies.
  • Create benefits and associate them with tiers.
  • Create voucher definitions and promotions.
  • Create, modify, and run flows.
  • Add a loyalty program member.
  • Create transaction journals.
  • View member points.

Before You Start

Before you take the steps in this hands-on project, make sure you complete Salesforce Loyalty Management Basics. The work you do here builds on the concepts and work you do there. 

New Acquisition, New Requirements

It’s exciting times for folks at Cloud Kicks, which manufactures stylish and comfortable custom sneakers. It has just acquired En Mode, a designer shoe brand. This strategic move will help Cloud Kicks build its reputation as a stylish custom-made shoe brand. 

Cloud Kicks has seen a consistent increase in sales, thanks to its thoughtfully designed loyalty program. The program has led to increased purchases from existing members and enrollment of many new members. Owing to the program’s success, the management team wants to create a loyalty program for En Mode. Mary Evans, the loyalty program manager at Cloud Kicks, will be designing the new program.

Jose Garcia, the loyalty program admin, will help Mary set up and execute the program in the Loyalty Management app.

En Mode has a niche clientele. And Mary wants to ensure that the loyalty program is both rewarding and relevant to customers. Her goal is to convert 30% of the program’s members into brand advocates in 2 years. 

She researches what En Mode’s customers expect from a loyalty program and comes up with the following requirements. 

  • Tiers: Mary’s research shows that loyalty programs work best with three tiers. Tiers help categorize members based on their engagement with the brand and the program, and determine the rewards that they get. A simple and straightforward three-tier structure makes it easier for members to understand the incentives that they get in each tier.
  • Points: As members engage more with the brand and the program, they earn points. Points make members eligible for higher tiers. Members can also redeem points to purchase En Mode products and services.
  • Rewards: Members get benefits in each tier for their purchases. This helps keep them engaged with the program.
  • Product promotion: The program should promote En Mode’s flagship product, LevelX shoes, by giving points to members when they purchase the shoes. This will help En Mode sell its flagship product to more customers.
  • Bonus points and vouchers: Members get bonus points and vouchers when they join the program. This makes it more likely that they’ll shop and share details about the program with their friends and family.

In this project, we follow along as Mary and Jose set up the loyalty program and incorporate each requirement into the program. 

Sign Up for a Developer Edition Org with Loyalty Management

To complete this project, you need a special Developer Edition org that contains Loyalty Management and our sample data. Get the free Developer Edition and connect it to Trailhead now so you can complete the challenges in this project. 

Note that this Developer Edition is designed to work with the challenges in this badge, and may not work for other badges. Always check that you’re using the Trailhead Playground or special Developer Edition org that we recommend.

  1. Sign up for a free Developer Edition org with Loyalty Management.
  2. Fill out the form. For Email, enter an active email address. For Username, enter a username that looks like an email address and is unique, but it doesn’t need to be a valid email account (for example,
  3. After you fill out the form, click Sign me up. A confirmation message appears.
  4. When you receive the activation email (this might take a few minutes), open it and click Verify Account.
  5. Complete your registration by setting your password and challenge question.
    TIP: Write down your username, password, and login URL for easy access later.
  6. You are logged in to your Developer Edition.

Now connect your new Developer Edition org to Trailhead.

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your Trailhead account.
  2. In the Challenge section at the bottom of this page, click the playground name and then click Connect Org.
  3. On the login screen, enter the username and password for the Developer Edition you just set up.
  4. On the Allow Access? screen, click Allow.
  5. On the Want to connect this org for hands-on challenges? screen, click Yes! Save it. You are redirected back to the challenge page and ready to use your new Developer Edition to earn this badge.

Now that you have a Loyalty Management-enabled org, let’s go about setting up a loyalty program.

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