Add Members and Run Flows

Add a Member

The LevelUp program is up and running and Mary is excited to see members enrolling. 

Mary receives a query from the customer support team about a customer who wants to enroll but is not sure how to. She notes down the customer’s details and asks Jose to add the customer manually.

Here’s how Jose adds the customer.

  1. In the Loyalty Programs tab, select the LevelUp loyalty program.
  2. In the Loyalty Program Members related list, click New.
  3. Provide the following details.
    • Member Type: Individual
    • Contact: Rashida Martin
    • Membership Number: M001
    • Enrollment Date: Current Date
    • Enrollment Channel: Call Center
    • Member Status: Active
  4. Click Save.

The New Loyalty Program Member window where you can add members to a loyalty program.

As a result of the flow that Jose created in the previous step, two things happen on the Loyalty Program Member page. As soon as he adds the customer, Rashida Martin, a new transaction journal is created with the enrollment bonus, and a voucher is issued to her.

The Loyalty Program Member page where you can see the transaction journal and vouchers.

The flow works brilliantly. Mary thanks Jose for the automation.

Create a Transaction Journal

We saw how Mary and Jose automated the crediting of points and the issuing of vouchers for new members. Let’s find out how points get credited when the member makes a purchase. 

A transaction journal captures every member activity that causes a member to earn or redeem points. Pending transaction journals are processed to evaluate the number of points that must be credited to or debited from a member for the activity.

When Rashida Martin, a member of the LevelUp program, purchases LevelX shoes worth $425, a transaction journal is created in the Pending status. The transaction journal gets automatically processed so that Rashida gets 425 points, plus 100 bonus points, which were promised as part of the LevelX promotional offer. By creating the flow in the previous step, we’ve automated the crediting of points. 

Typically, once a flow is set up, a batch job is scheduled to run at a set time. When the batch job runs, it processes transaction journal records that are in the Pending status. And the required points are credited to members. To learn more about setting up accrual flows, see Accrual Process.

Let’s create a transaction journal for Rashida’s purchase to find out how accruals are processed.

  1. In the Loyalty Programs tab, select the LevelUp loyalty program.
  2. In the Setup tab, under Loyalty Program Members, select M001.
  3. On the Transaction Journals card, click New.
  4. Provide the following details.
    • Activity Date: Current Date
    • Journal Date: Current Date
    • Status: Pending
    • Product Category: LevelX Shoes
    • Transaction Amount: 425
  5. Click Save.

The New Transaction Journal window where you can manually create a transaction journal.

Make a note of the transaction journal ID, you will use it as an input variable when running the flow. 

Run the Flow to View Member Points

Now that the transaction journal is created, Jose runs the flow he created in Step 4 to credit Rashida with the required points. 

  1. Click Setup, and select Setup.
  2. Enter Flows in the Quick Find box, and select Flows.
  3. From the Flows list view, select Credit Member Points and Promotion.
  4. Click Debug.
  5. Enter the transaction journal ID.
  6. Click Run.

The Debug flow window where you enter the transaction journal ID and run the flow.

Once the flow runs, Mary can view the member points in the app. Here’s how.

  1. Navigate back to the Loyalty Program list view, and select the LevelUp loyalty program.
  2. On the Loyalty Program Members card, select M001.
  3. On the Transaction Journals card, select the transaction record that you just created.
  4. On the Loyalty Ledger card, Mary finds three ledgers. A credit of 425 non-qualifying points (a point for each dollar spent), a credit of 100 points for the promotion, and a credit of 425 qualifying or tier points. (Note that you may need to refresh your page to see the new ledger records.)

The Loyalty Ledgers card where you can view accrual details.

So the flow ensures that points for member activities are credited automatically. When a record changes, the flow runs, collects data, and then performs the defined actions. 


If you do not see the loyalty ledgers after debugging and running the flow, verify that the variables used within each element of the Credit Member Points and Promotion flow are exactly as mentioned in Step 4 (Set Up and Modify Flows).  

Wrap Up

Loyalty programs are no longer just about earning and redeeming points. They are about creating a unique brand experience for members, and Loyalty Management is a one-stop shop to keep customers and partners engaged.

With Loyalty Management, Mary has explored various ways to keep members interested and engaged. She can now think beyond the offerings of En Mode or even Cloud Kicks’s products. She can partner with brands across industries to broaden the horizons of the program. And she can track member activities to create personalized engagements for each member. The possibilities are endless!


Salesforce Help: Loyalty Program Members

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