Add Your Process Action

Create an Action

At this point you've defined a process, and told it when to fire, but you haven't told it what to do. In this step you define what happens when the Billing Street changes.

  1. Under the Immediate Actions box, click + Add Action.
  2. In the Action Type drop-down list, select Update Records.
  3. For Action Name, type Update Contact Addresses.
  4. For Record Type, click the radio button next to Select a record related to the Account, then scroll down and select Contacts, and click Choose. This is pretty powerful stuff, so pause and take note. Process Builder allows you to choose not just fields on Accounts, but fields that are related to Accounts.
  5. For Criteria for Updating Records, keep it set at No criteria—just update the records!.
  6. Under Set new field values for the records you update, click Find a field..., and then scroll down and select Mailing Street.
  7. Select Field Reference for the Type.
  8. For Value, select Billing Street as the Account field and click Choose.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Activate and then click Confirm.

Screenshot of the Process Builder action in Setup showing how to select and define what will happen when the billing street address is changed

Some important things to note before you move on:

  • This task adds only one action, but you could add multiple actions for one criteria.
  • Did you notice that Accounts have a field called Billing Street, but that Contacts have a field called Mailing Street? That's OK, it's a different field name, but you'll use the same value.
  • Once a process is activated, it cannot be edited. If you need to make edits to an activated process, follow these steps: (1) Clone the process as a version of the current process; (2) make changes to the cloned process; (3) activate the new version.
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