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Close Your Deal

Close Your Deal

You’ve set your goal and you’ve converted your highest-priority prospect. And following your lunch meeting, the customer has signed and you’re ready to close the business. 

  1. Click Opportunities.
  2. Click the 10,000 Units opportunity to open it.
  3. Click Edit. Edit button highlighted on an opportunity for 10,000 units
  4. Update the opportunity as follows:
    • Amount: 120,000
    • Close Date: Today
  5. Click Save.
  6. Using the sales path, click Closed and Select Closed Stage. Sales Path showing the closed and select closed stage buttons
  7. From the picklist, select Closed Won, and then click Save. Stage picklist with Closed Won selected and the Save button highlighted
  8. Click Home. On the Quarterly Performance chart, click refresh icon to refresh the chart if necessary. Mouse over the chart to see your closed opportunity.

Quarterly performance chart with the refresh button highlighted. After you closed the opportunity the chart shows $120,000 in sales. That is $20,000 over your initial $100,000 goal

You crushed your number! Way to go, sales shark!


Congratulations! In just a few minutes, you got hands-on practice and learned how Lightning Experience can help you close more business. For your next step, check out:

Good luck, sales shark!