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Hunt Your Prospect

Hunt Your Prospect

In the previous step, you set your sights on a quarterly goal of $100,000. Now let's assume you just had lunch with a new prospect, and you’re confident that they’re qualified and you can close the deal quickly. So let’s get that prospect converted and moving through the pipeline!

  1. Click Leads.
  2. Click New to create a new lead.
  3. Enter the following details:
    • First Name: Big
    • Last Name: Spender
    • Company: Company ABC
  4. Click Save to create your lead.
  5. Click Convert.    Convert Lead dialog, highlighting the value 10,000 units for the Opportunity Name
  6. Accept the default selections to add a new account and contact.
  7. Click Opportunity to allow you to edit the name of your new opportunity. For Opportunity Name, replace the existing content with: 10,000 Units. Then click Convert.    Screenshot of a Lead page, highlighting the Convert button

You just converted your Lead into a Contact, Account, and Opportunity! Now let's look at the opportunity:

8. Click the opportunity: 10,000 Units.

Great job! You’ve got your opportunity all set to close. In the next and final step, you’ll work that opportunity and close the deal. Finish strong, sales shark!