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Add a Quick Action

Create a Quick Action

When you create an app with the Salesforce Platform, you automatically create a mobile version of the app. As you might imagine, you can further customize the mobile app in many ways. In this step, you create a Quick Action.

Quick Actions are things you want to do immediately from your mobile device. These actions live in a special place called the Publisher. You can customize the Publisher so that your most important actions are there at your fingertips.

First let's create the Quick Action.

  1. Click Gear icon to access Setup in Lightning Experience. and select Setup.
  2. Enter Global Actions in the Quick Find and select Global Actions.
  3. Click New Action.
  4. Leave the Action Type as Create a Record. In the Target Object field, choose Waypoint.
  5. In the Label field, enter Waypoint. This automatically populates the Name field with Waypoint as well.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the next Action Layout screen, leave Waypoint Name as the only field in the layout. Click Save.

Now you need to add that Quick Action to the Publisher. The Publisher Layout determines which Quick Actions you see in the Action bar.

  1. In Setup, click Home.
  2. Enter Publisher Layouts in the Quick Find and select Publisher Layouts.
  3. Next to Global Layout, click Edit.
  4. Salesforce puts several Quick Actions in the Publisher by default. Let’s start by removing a few that you might not need. Remove File by clicking it in the Global Publisher and dragging it up to the Global Layout area.
    Publisher layout, showing Global Layout and Global Publisher areas.
  5. Similarly, remove New Case and New Lead (if present).
  6. Now add your Waypoint action by dragging it from the Global Layout and dropping it into the Global Publisher below.
  7. You can move the actions around. Drag Waypoint so that it appears first.

    Publisher screen, showing Waypoint first on the left.
  8. Click Save in the Global Layout.

Wow, you’ve done a lot in only a few minutes. You not only created an app, but you also customized the Salesforce mobile app as well. Let's take a look at how this works on the mobile device.