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Open the Report in Quip

Work with Reports in Quip

Now, we’re ready to view the report in Quip.

  1. Click Icon displaying a grid of nine dots. This icon is used to bring up the App Launcher. to launch the App Launcher and select  Open Reports in Quip under All Items.
  2. Find the Leads by Source report and click Open in Quip.

screenshot showing the Leads by Source report and the Open in Quip button at the far right side

You may be prompted to authorize opening the report in a new tab and providing access to data. If you are prompted:

  1. Click Open.
  2. Select Live Data and click Open in Quip

The report opens in Quip. It may take a moment for the report to populate with data. If after a few moments, the report still looks incomplete, refresh your browser. The finished report should look similar to this.

screenshot of the Quip report Leads by Source