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Create an App and a Lens

Create an App

An Einstein Analytics app is a curated set of analyses and paths through your data, plus powerful tools for spontaneous, deep explorations. Einstein Analytics starts with apps. Apps organize data projects, run presentations directly from dashboards, and control asset sharing.

Now that you’ve signed in to your Einstein Analytics-enabled Developer Edition org and connected it to Trailhead, you’re ready to get started.

  1. If you’re not already there, open your Developer Edition org. And if you see the Welcome to Lightning Experience window, you can close it.
  2. From the App Launcher ( App Launcher icon), find and select Analytics Studio. (Analytics Studio opens in a new tab. Don’t close the Home tab. You do work in it later in this project, so keep both tabs open.)
    Note: If Analytics Studio doesn’t open, check to see if your pop-up blocker is on. If so, change the setting to allow pop-ups from your org.
  3. In Einstein Analytics Studio, click Create, and then select App.
  4. Click Create Blank App.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Enter My Amazing App as the name of your app.
  7. Click Create.

You created an app, and it displays in a new tab. Now, let’s build some Einstein Analytics assets for your app.

Create a Lens

A lens is a visualization of data in a dataset. You use the lens to explore data graphically and to build queries for a dashboard.

  1. Click the Einstein Analytics Studio tab to return to the Analytics Home page.
  2. Under Browse, click All Items.
  3. Click Datasets, and then click the DTC Opportunity dataset.
    Note: If an application error occurs while opening a dataset or dashboard, don’t worry. DE orgs sometimes encounter stale data that just needs a refresh. Start by clicking OK to close the error. Return to the Einstein Analytics Home page and refresh your browser. You’re now ready for exploration!
  4. In the New Lens tab, under Bar Length click the words Count of Rows (not the down arrow next to the words). Count of Rows is the tab beneath Bar Length
  5. Click Sum, and then select AmountClicking Count of Rows opens a box where you select Sum and then Amount
  6. Under Bars, click the plus sign (+), and then select Industry.
  7. Under Bars, click the plus sign (+) again, and then select Product Family.
  8. Under Bar Length, click the arrow next Sum of Amount, and select Sort Descending.
  9. Click the Charts icon ( Charts).
  10. Select the Stacked Column chart icon ( Stacked Column) to create a Stacked Column chart. The Stacked Column chart displays the sum of amount according to industry
  11. Click Save to save your lens.
  12. For the title of your new lens, enter My Amazing Lens, and then select App -> My Amazing App.
  13. Click Save.

Now that you’ve created your own app and a lens, you’re ready to create a dashboard. You’ll also create an interactive chart, list widget, and a table created from a conversational query.



Before you click the green button, make sure that your Einstein Analytics-enabled Developer Edition org shows next to the Launch button.