Customize Your Contact and List Displays

Add Fields to Your Contact Display

Let’s take a brief look at how to add the VeloStars Member and Membership Likelihood fields to a Contact page, and how to put these fields into a custom list display. For a more detailed explanation of these topics, see the Resources links.

Under normal circumstances, to expose this prediction to your users, you have to edit the Field-Level Security of the prediction. However, for this org that’s not necessary, because the Trailhead user (that’s you) is the only user in this org.

Here you want to add fields to the Contact Record and to your list display of fields.

Adding fields to an object

  1. From Setup Setup icon, click the Object Manager tab and then choose Contact (don’t confuse this with the Contract object).
  2. Select Page Layouts and then Contact Layout.
  3. Make sure Fields is selected on the top left.
  4. Drag the VeloStars Member and Membership Likelihood fields from the top to the Contact Information section, and then click Save.

Create a Custom List View for Your Prediction

  1. From the App Launcher (App Launcher icon), find and open VeloMateo.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.
  3. Click the List View Controls menu icon List View Controls menu icon.
  4. Choose New.
  5. Call the list VeloStars Membership and set it so all users can see the list.
  6. Click Save. If you want, pin the VeloStars Membership list so you see it whenever you display this page.
  7. From the same List View Controls menu, choose Select Fields to Display. Choose fields to display
  8. Using the arrows, move First Purchase, VeloStars Member, and Membership Likelihood into the Visible Fields pane. Remove any fields you’re not interested in (so that reading the list of contacts is easier). Click Save. Don’t worry if you don’t initially see any predictions for Membership Likelihood. That just means the prediction is still cooking up the scores to assign to Contacts.
  9. If the Filters pane isn’t visible, click the Filters icon Filters icon.
  10. Click Add Filter.
  11. For Field, choose Membership Likelihood, for Operator choose not equal to, and leave Value blank. Click Done and then click Save. This filter ensures that you only see contacts for whom a prediction has been made. VeloStars Membership List View If Einstein Prediction Builder is still assigning predictions to Contacts, you may not see any Contacts who are VeloStars members. In this case, you can either wait a while until Einstein makes more predictions, or remove the Membership Likelihood filter to see VeloStars members, too.
  12. To confirm that the contact page has the fields you added, click a contact in the list and then click the Details tab for that contact record. You should see the VeloStars Membership and Membership Likelihood fields as well as the likelihood score from your Einstein prediction. Contact page with VeloStars fields
  13. Click at least three more contacts. Later on, when you test your Next Best Action strategy, Einstein will test contacts you’ve recently viewed. Choose one with a Membership Likelihood of 30 or more; one with a likelihood between 20 and 30; one under 20; and one that is already a VeloStars member.
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