Create a List View for Your Predictions

See Your Predictions in One Place

Since it takes a little time for Einstein to evaluate your data and start making predictions, we’ve already built a prediction for you so you can see what it looks like. Now you can create a list view to display your predictions. The list view makes it easy to prioritize your confirmation calls.

  1. Click App Launcher icon and select Reservations.
  2. Click Reservations in the navigation bar. Now you’re looking at a list of all your reservations. Let’s make a list of only those you need to call to confirm.
  3. Click Gear icon and select New to create a list view.
  4. For List Name, enter Call to Confirm.
  5. Select All users can see this list view and click Save.
  6. Click Gear icon again and choose Select Fields to Display. In the Available Fields list, select these fields and use the right arrow to move them to the Visible Fields list.
    • Contact
    • Predicted No Show
    • Status
    Click Save.
  7. If you don’t see a Filters panel, click the filter icon Filter icon to display it. Click Add Filter.
  8. For Field, select Status. For Operator, select equals, and for Value, select Upcoming. Click Done and Save. Now you see a list of all your upcoming reservations.
  9. Let’s narrow it further to see only those we want to call to confirm. Click Add Filter again.
  10. For Field, select Predicted No Show. For Operator, select greater or equal. Enter 20 for the Value. Click Done.
  11. In the Filters panel, click Save. Now you have a list of your riskiest reservations. Grab an espresso and start calling!

To recap, in just a few steps, you let Einstein evaluate your reservations data and predict the likelihood that a reservation will be a no-show. Then you used those predictions to power a workflow that ultimately helps you fill more seats, increase efficiency, and work smarter.

Now all you have to do is click Verify Step to earn your badge.

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