Build a Prediction

Time to Create Your Prediction

Things are going well. You created the custom formula field that you want to predict. You created fields to enrich your prediction. Now it’s time to tell Einstein to build your prediction.
  1. From Setup, enter Einstein Prediction Builder in the Quick Find box and select Einstein Prediction Builder. Or, click Get Started on the Einstein Prediction Builder tile.
  2. If this is the first time you’re using Einstein Prediction Builder in this special new org, you’ll also need to click Get Started on the splash page.
  3. Click New Prediction. Einstein Prediction Builder Setup
  4. Name your prediction No Show Prediction. The API Name field auto-populates based on your label. Click Next. Name your prediction
  5. Search for and select the Reservation object. Leave the default option to not focus on a segment. To make sure you have enough records in your dataset for Einstein to make a prediction, click Check Data in the Data Checker. Record count looks good? Click Next. Select object and segment
  6. On the page that asks “What kind of question is your prediction?” select Yes/No because we’re predicting whether or not someone will be a no-show. Click Next.
  7. Search for and select the No Show formula field that you created earlier. This is the field that you want to predict.
  8. Einstein needs to know which records to use as examples. You want to use past reservations, so it’s known whether they were no-shows or not. Leave the default Meet All Conditions selection for your filter. Select the Status field, the Does not equal operator, the Picklist type, and the Upcoming value. Click Check Data to make sure your example set has enough records and the field you’re predicting has enough yes and no values. (If the Data Checker shows “0 Records to predict” don’t worry! That’s just because you’re working in a simulated environment. After you build your prediction and verify this step, lots of records will have predicted values.) Looks good? Click Next. Select field and example records
  9. Review the fields for Einstein to analyze to make a prediction. In this case, leave all the fields selected. Click Next. Select fields to base prediction on
  10. Now name the field where Einstein saves your prediction. Enter Predicted No Show for the Field Label. Press Tab to populate the field name and click Next. Name the field that stores your prediction
  11. Review your selections. To make a change, use the Back button. Click Check Data one final time to make sure Einstein can build a prediction based on the way you’ve set everything up. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, click Build Prediction. On the next page, click Done. Confirm and build your prediction It takes a few hours for Einstein to analyze your data and start making predictions. It seems a lot faster in this project, though, because we’re doing some magic behind the scenes so you can proceed. Click Verify Step to proceed to the next step in the project.
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