Fix the Rover on Mars

Complete Your Final Preflight Safety Check

Are you ready? You’re about to become the very first Salesforce admin to make a field service trip to Mars. 

Only one last thing to do before takeoff: Locate the MarsXP safety card in the Resources section at the bottom of this page. In the unlikely event of an emergency, you can download the card and follow the steps to solve each of the mission objectives. 

Don’t download the card just yet. We’re confident that you can handle this mission without assistance. The card is just here for you if you get stuck at any point. 

Launch Mission to Mars

Time to go to Mars! Click the image below to launch the MarsXP environment in a new window. Then click Begin Mission to take off. 

Remember, you learn about the objectives and get clues in MarsXP, and you build and configure solutions for each objective in your Trailhead Playground. Feel free to click around in MarsXP as you find clues—you never know what else you might find.

In MarsXP, you also have a chance to earn these prizes.

  • A Chatter profile overlay to tell the world you went to Mars
  • An exclusive desktop background to remind you of your mission

You won’t come back to Trailhead until you complete work in MarsXP and your playground.

Good luck!

Begin Mission

Submit Your Final Mission Report

Congratulations! If all your objectives passed in your Trailhead Playground, you completed the mission and you’re ready to submit your final report to Trailhead. Submitting your report is easy: Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click Verify Step. When you do, Trailhead confirms that your solution meets all the requirements and awards you the coveted MarsXP badge, which will live on your Trailblazer profile forever.

Thanks to you, the rover is once again sending red-hot listings back to your agents, and they’re closing deals left and right. Because who wouldn’t be interested in a bungalow just south of Tharsis Rise? You don’t get views like that on Earth, that’s for sure. 

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