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Mars Has Two Moons, but You Need Three Windows for This Project

At this point, you should have your Trailhead Playground open in one browser window, and Trailhead open in another. In the next step, you open one more browser window for the MarsXP environment.

It’s time to get familiar with these environments and discover how to move around between them. 

1. MarsXP

MarsXP is where you board the spaceship that takes you to Mars.

The MarsXP environment, which you launch in the next step

It’s also where you learn about your three objectives and collect clues. Save these clues so you can refer to them later. And keep an eye out for other items to collect. You never know what treasures you’ll find in space.

The MarsXP navigation menu

Once you've gotten past the first objective in MarsXP, you might want to go back to revisit a clue or find something you missed. To move between objectives use the navigation menu. 

You don’t have MarsXP open yet. You launch it in the next step of this project.

2. Trailhead Playground

Your Trailhead Playground is the Salesforce org where you identify and fix the problems that are causing such mayhem on Mars.

Trailhead Playground

It’s where you optimize the Mars Real Estate and Communications app, and where all your hard-won Salesforce knowledge really pays off. 

When you’re satisfied with what you built or configured in your playground, head over to the Diagnostics tab. There you can run a check for each of the objectives to confirm that your solution meets the requirements. When it does, you get instructions for what to do next, so you can unlock the next objective.

Your Trailhead Playground should already be open in another browser window. If it’s not, scroll to the bottom of this page and click Launch

3. Trailhead

Trailhead is where you are right now, reading these words.

It’s also where you verify your work and earn points by clicking Verify Step at the end of each step. After you verify the final step, you earn a shiny new badge for your profile. 

Arrange the Windows for Easy Navigation

After you launch MarsXP in the next step, experiment with arranging the three environments on your computer display so you can move between them easily. One option is to create a single window with three tabs.

  1. Trailhead
  2. MarsXP
  3. Trailhead Playground

Or, if you have a larger display, try laying them out so you see all three at once.

A larger computer display, with all three windows side by side

  1. MarsXP
  2. Trailhead
  3. Trailhead Playground

Great work! You got familiar with the different browser windows you’ll be working in. In the next step, you launch the mission.

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