Control Access to Price Books and Products

Ian wants only his team to have access to the custom price books, so he sets up this security by granting sharing access. But before doing this, he modifies the organization-wide default setting for the price book object.

Change Organization-Wide Default Setting

  1. From Setup, enter Sharing in Quick Find, and then select Sharing Settings .
  2. In the Organization-Wide Defaults section, click Edit .
  3. Find the Price Book object and set the Default Internal Access to View Only . (Notice the other objects for which you can customize the default internal access.)
  4. Click Save .

Grant Sharing Access

To implement sharing settings, switch to Salesforce Classic.

  1. Click your profile icon and select Switch to Salesforce Classic .
    Screen showing how to switch to Salesforce Classic.
  2. Once you're in Salesforce Classic, click Setup.
    Salesforce Classic Setup Link

Since you changed the organization-wide setting for price books to view only, no one can actually use them. To allow Ian and his subordinates to use a specific price book, change the settings.

  1. On the tab menu, click All tabs icon.
  2. On the All Tabs screen, select Price Books .
  3. Under Price Book Name, select Enterprise .
  4. In the Price Book Detail section, click Sharing .
  5. Click Add and enter theses details:
    Select Roles and Subordinates .
    Click Roles and Subordinates: VP, International Sales .
    Add Button
    Price Book Access
    Select Use .
  6. Click Save .
  7. In the page header section, click Switch to Lightning Experience .

Test the Access

Now that you’ve made these changes, test the sharing access to make sure the right people have access to the price books and can add products. Give admins the ability to log in as other users first.

Enable admins to log in as any user.

  1. From Setup, enter Login Access in Quick Find, and then select Login Access Policies .
  2. Under Manage Support Options, next to Administrators Can Log in as Any User, select Enabled .
  3. Click Save .

Allow admin to be logged back in automatically.

  1. From Setup, enter Session in Quick Find, and then select Session Settings .
  2. Under Require secure connections (HTTPS), uncheck Force relogin after Login-As-User .
  3. Click Save .

Ensure that users in the Custom: Sales Profile can log in as Lightining users by default and can also add the Price Books navigation item.

  1. From Setup, enter Profiles in Quick Find, and then select Profiles .
  2. From the list of profiles, find Custom: Sales Profile, and then click Edit .
  3. Under Administrative Permissions, select Lightning Experience User .
  4. Under Tab Settings, find Price Books, and from the pull down menu, select Default On .
  5. Click Save .

Admins can view price books and add products from the Enterprise Price Book to an opportunity, so there is no need to test this. So, let's test the access of one of the team's sales rep.

Log in as Alek Wozniak, add the Price Books navigation item, and verify that Alek can view Price Books and add products to an opportunity from a Price Book.

  1. From Setup, enter Users in Quick Find, and then select Users .
  2. Next to Wozniak, Alek, click Login .
  3. In the upper right corner, click Personalize your nav bar icon..
  4. Click Add more items .
  5. From Available Items, click All .
  6. Find Price Books and click Add icon..
  7. Click Add 1 Nav Item, and then click Save .
  8. From the navigation bar, find the new Price Books nav item and click it (may be under More).

If the Price Books Recently Viewed list view shows no price books and if there is no other view to choose, create a new view to see the shared Price Book.

  1. Click Gear with arrow icon to access the List View Controls menu and select New .
  2. For List Name, enter Alek’s View.
  3. Ensure Only I can see this view is selected and click Save .

Verify that Alek can view Price Books and products, and also add products to an opportunity from a Price Book.

  1. Under Price Book Name, click Enterprise .
  2. To view the products, click the Related  tab.
  3. Click the Accounts  tab.
  4. Under Account Name, click Saito Family Laundromats .
  5. In the Opportunities section, click Saito – Ground-mounted Panels .
  6. In the Products section, from the actions menu, click Add Products .
  7. For the GreenSun product name, click the checkbox.
  8. Click Next .
  9. For Quantity, enter 1.
  10. Click Save . You should see this success message indicating that Alek is now able to add products.
    Dialog box: 1 Opportunity Product record was updated.
  11. At the top of the page, click Log out as Wozniak Alek.

In this step, you changed the organization-wide default settings for price books so you can restrict the use of your price book except to those under the role of VP, International Sales. Then you tested to make sure it worked. Next, create a couple of quotes and sync them to an opportunity.


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