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Put It All Together in an App

Make Things Easy to Find

When you're busy taking orders, you don't want to be hunting around Salesforce for the place to take orders. You want to make it super simple to enter new customers or orders. In Salesforce, we do that by creating an app.

You can think of an app as an easy way to group custom and standard objects.

Let's dive in.

Create the App

  1. In Setup, click the Home tab.
  2. Enter App Manager in the Quick Find and select App Manager.
  3. Click New Lightning App.
  4. Complete the New Lightning App wizard as follows:
    • App Details & Branding:
      • App Name: Lemonade
      • Description: App to manage my lemonade stand.
      • Click Next.
    • Click Next on the next two screens (App Options and Utility Items).
    • Select Items.
      • Select the Drink Orders item, then click Add icon to move it to Selected Items.
      • Do the same with the Reports item.
      • Click Next.
    • Assign to User Profiles.
      • Select the System Administrator profile, then click Add icon to move it to Selected Profiles.
      • Do the same with the Standard User profile
      • Click Save & Finish.

Create Sample Orders

Now you're ready to start taking orders! First, let's open up our new Lemonade app. Click the App Launcher app launcher icon and select Lemonade. There are two tabs in your Lemonade app: Drink Orders and Reports.

Screenshot showing the Lemonade app with the Drink Orders and Report tabs

Let's create your first order:

  1. On the Drink Orders tab, click New.
  2. Complete the form by selecting a Flavor and Size, and entering a Price.
  3. Click Save.

Screenshot showing a completed drink order

Congratulations! You've entered your first order. Now enter at least three more orders with different flavors and sizes for each. We use these orders in the next step when we create a report.

Tip: You can save time when you're entering more than one order by using the Save & New button. This saves your record and presents a new blank form to enter another drink order.