Create a Report with a Report Chart

Time to Start Reporting

As an entrepreneur, the information you store about your orders is only helpful if you can see it. That's the power of reports in Salesforce. Using point-and-click tools, you can build reports to see how your business is doing.

Let's build a report that lists all your drink orders and summarizes them by their flavor. That way you can have different people responsible for making drinks for each of the different flavors.

Make a Drink Order Report

Reports in Salesforce help you keep track of important data. You can also translate them into charts to show visualizations of your data.

For our lemonade stand, let's create a report that shows us our overall sales, organized by flavor.

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Click New Report.
  3. In the Search Report Types, enter Drink Orders and select Drink Orders.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Enter Flavor in the column search and select Flavor to add the Flavor column to the report. Similarly add Size and Price columns.

  6. image of the report preview

  7. In the Group Rows, enter Flavor and select Flavor to create a grouping.
  8. Enable Update Preview Automatically in the upper-right side of the Report Builder.
  9. In the Price column heading, click Down Arrow, choose Summarize and select Sum.
  10. Optional: Click the Size column to sort the drink orders by size.
    images of sorting by size
  11. Click Save and save the report as follows:
    • Report Name: Drink Orders
    • Description: Summary of Lemonade Stand drink orders.
  12. Click Save, then Run.

Well done! You have a great-looking report that shows a summary of your orders by flavor, with totals for each flavor sold. Now we can add a chart to help visualize our orders.

finished report summarized by flavor with totals for each flavor sold

Add a Chart to the Drink Order Report

Sometimes a picture really helps tell a story, and that's where Report Charts come into play. Let's add a pie chart to shows our orders by flavor.

  1. Click the Chart icon chart icon.
  2. In the chart section, click the Setup icon setup icon.
  3. Click the donut icon donut iconand complete the Chart Attributes section:
    • Chart Title: Drink Orders by Flavor
    • Value: Record Count
    • Check the Show Values
  4. Click the dropdown arrow next to Edit and select Save.

Your report should now look something like this:

Screenshot of the final report with chart, showing the data when hovering the cursor over the Blackberry section of the donut chart

Roll your mouse over the different sections of the donut chart. Notice that this displays a summary of the orders that make up that piece of the donut.

You Did It!

Congratulations! You just built an app for managing a lemonade stand business.

We hope this helped you understand how you can run your business using Salesforce. And we hope you continue exploring here on Trailhead as you skill up for the future.