Distribute the Flow Using the Utility Bar

Implement the Flow Using the Utility Bar

Look at you go! You've built a flow that reps can use to gather feedback about Preferred Repair. The only thing left is to make sure that the reps can access it.
You’ll implement this flow using the utility bar in a Lightning app. With the utility bar, you can make flows available on every page in an app.


We won't test for the utility bar.

  1. Activate the flow, so that non-admin users can run the flow.
    1. On the button bar, click Close.
      The Cloud Flow Designer closes, and the flow detail page opens.
    2. For the version you saved, click Activate.
  2. Open the Sales Lightning app.
    1. In Setup, enter App in Quick Find, then select App Manager.
    2. For the app whose Developer Name is LightningSales, click Action dropdown and select Edit.
  3. Add the flow to the Sales Lightning app’s utility bar.
    1. Under App Settings, click Utility Bar.
    2. Click Add, and select Flow.
    3. In the utility item properties, change the label to Survey Customers.
    4. In the component properties, for Flow select Survey customers.
  4. Save your changes, then click Back.

Test the Flow

You should test all customizations before rolling them out to users, and flows are no different. Testing lets you fine-tune the flow’s behavior, identify and fix bugs, and otherwise make sure your users have a pleasant experience. And of course, you benefit, because you’re much less likely to spend time later responding to panicked emails.
Here, you’ll pretend you’re a support rep and create a test survey record. Then, you’ll verify that the record was created successfully. Let’s get testing!

Create a Fictional Survey Record

Walk through the flow just like a support rep would. In so doing, you’ll create a test survey record for a fake customer: Madison Rigsby.
  1. Click App Launcher icon.
  2. Under All Apps, click Sales.
  3. In the utility bar, click Survey Customers.
    Flow in the utility bar
  4. Because you want to test that a record is created, for Customer Response select Yes.
  5. Respond to the survey as follows.
    Question Response
    Before we begin, can you confirm your name? Madison Rigsby
    Of the following options, how would you rate your interactions with the Preferred Repair team? Excellent
    Of the following options, how satisfied are you with the Preferred Repair service? Satisfied
    Do you have any other comments you’d like to share with us? Not at this time
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Finish.

Verify the Survey Record

Make sure that the flow successfully created the survey record. Also, because Salesforce doesn’t display custom objects by default, you’ll configure a tab to display surveys.
  1. Navigate to the survey record for Madison Rigsby.
    1. Click App Launcher icon.
    2. Under All Items, click Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
    3. Click Madison Rigsby.
  2. Verify that your responses appear in the survey record.
    A view of the survey record for Mike's Tablet Warehouse
Congratulations! You’ve just built, implemented, and tested a flow.

Take It Further

If you haven’t worked with flows before, you’ll soon find that existing flows make great starting points for new ones—particularly as your organization grows and changes. Take the customer satisfaction survey you created, for example.
  • To quickly address cases where customers reported dissatisfaction with the service, configure the flow to email a support manager on the Preferred Repair team.
  • To give the flow more power, associate the survey records it generates with contacts in the Salesforce database.

For practice with other use cases, check out the other flow projects in Trailhead.