Ensure Proper Configuration with a Product Rule

Mitigate Microinverter Mistakes

Recently, a sales rep managed to create a quote with a solar energy system bundle that was not properly configured. They sold it with 20 solar panels but only five microinverters. Can you believe it? Everyone in the solar business should know that if you use microinverters, you need one microinverter per solar panel. 

To avoid mistakes like these, the team at Ursa Major Solar asks for some more improvements.

  • Stop sales reps from saving a configured solar energy system bundle whenever it includes any amount of microinverters and the number of microinverters is less than the number of solar panels.
  • If a sales rep attempts to save an invalid configuration, display an error message at the top of the page that reads, “You must include at least as many microinverters as you have solar panels.”
  • The error message only appears if a problem exists when the sales rep clicks Save. Don’t show the error message while the sales rep is choosing options or changing values for attributes.
  • To conform to Ursa Major Solar’s internal naming conventions, the rule must be named exactly Enforce Microinverter Quantity.

You’re confident that with a single product rule, you can set up CPQ so that sales reps see something like this when they include too few microinverters.

Product Configuration of a Solar Controller Hub bundle with an error message at the top

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