Create a Solar Energy System Bundle

Build a Better Bundle

The solar energy system that Ursa Major Solar sells has over a dozen different products, and unfortunately newer sales reps don’t always remember to include every part. As a CPQ admin, you know that a bundle would be a perfect solution for this issue. 

You ask the sales team at Ursa Major Solar to describe a little about how the parts relate to each other, and that helps you learn how the bundle should work.

  • The Solar Controller Hub product is the heart of the solar energy bundle, and it is always part of the package. Adding it to a quote automatically brings the other parts along with it as a bundle. Sales reps can customize the bundle immediately after selecting it, and they can also reconfigure it at a later time.
  • The Solar Panel 400W product is always part of the bundle. Sales reps can change the quantity, but each system must have at least five panels.
  • The Angled Roof Mounting Kit, Flat Roof Mounting Kit, and Ground Mounting Kit products are offered in any combination, together or separate. Each should have a set quantity of one that cannot be edited. The Angled Roof Mounting Kit is the most popular, so it's a preselected part of the bundle.
  • The Inverter product is the most popular inverter option, so it’s preselected. It’s only ever sold as a single unit.
  • The Microinverter product is another type of inverter, but like the Solar Panel 400W, it’s never sold in quantities less than five.
  • The Grid Disconnect Switch and Solar Disconnect Switch products are always part of the bundle for safety reasons, and the bundle must include only one of each.
  • The Wiring Kit product is always part of the bundle and must be sold as a single unit.
  • The Charge Controller product is an optional add-on for the bundle, but if selected it must be sold as a single unit.
  • The 5kWh Battery and 10kWh Battery products are optional add-ons with no limit to quantity.

You begin forming a picture of the bundle in your mind’s eye, and it looks something like this:

Product Configuration of a Solar Controller Hub bundle with twelve options

Strategy and Guidance

Here, you can find links to strategy and guidance to help if you find yourself in a rut. Use them sparingly, if at all!



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