Capture Solar Bundle Details with Attributes

Customer Customizations

Everyone at Ursa Major Solar loves the improved solar energy system bundle, and customers love it too since they get their quotes so fast. After a while, the sales team at Ursa Major Solar realizes they can expand their install base if they offer a few more customizations they know their customers will appreciate. 

Here’s what they’re looking for.

  • Anyone with the System Administrator profile can create and modify both Configuration Attributes and Global Attributes.
  • Currently the inverter products are configured to support 120 volt systems, but many international customers need a 240 volt system. Sales reps must choose either 120V or 240V from a dropdown menu as they configure each bundle. The choice appears at the top of the page during Product Configuration.
  • Ursa Major Solar has an existing custom field on the Order Product object named System_Voltage__c. The order products generated for Inverter and Microinverter must show System_Voltage__c values that reflect what was chosen in Product Configuration.
  • Each mounting kit has a dropdown for customizing hardware color, which has three choices: Silver, Black, Bronze.
  • Each mounting kit has a dropdown for customizing the measurement standard, which has two choices: Imperial, Metric.
  • The mounting kit dropdowns appear in a collapsible drawer under each of the options.
  • The values for each mounting kit are independent (black for roof, silver for ground, and so on) and must eventually be passed to existing custom fields on the Order Product object named Hardware_Color__c and Measurement_Standard__c.

Capturing this kind of information is the perfect job for Configuration and Global Attributes. You can see it now, picklists appearing right where the sales reps need them.

Product Configuration of a Solar Controller Hub bundle with multiple configuration attributes visible

Strategy and Guidance



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