Embed an Tableau CRM Dashboard in an Account Page

Embed a Dashboard in Account Pages

The VP of Sales sees the embedded dashboard on the Sales home page. He loves having it available without going into Analytics Studio.

He also loves using the Opportunity Details dashboard because it helps his team focus on opportunities instead of accounts. When they review their accounts, they often forget to use Analytics Studio to check the dashboard. It’d be great to embed the Opportunity Details dashboard in the accounts pages so that all of the information the salespeople need is in one place.

  1. In the navigation bar of the Sales app, click the down arrow on the right of the Accounts tab.
  2. Click All Accounts.
  3. In the Account Name column, click any account name, such as Adkins907 Inc.
  4. In the account page, click the Setup icon at the upper right, and then click Edit Page.
  5. In Lightning App Builder, drag Tableau CRM Dashboard component from the list on the left to the lower part of the Account highlights panel.Wave Dashboard in component list and location to which to drag it
  6. In the properties menu on the right, use the Dashboard dropdown list to select the Opportunity Details dashboard.

Right-Size the Dashboard

The Opportunity Details dashboard appears. It doesn’t fit, so let’s give it plenty of vertical space. To save a little height, you can hide the dashboard header. (The header can include the dashboard title, the Save View menu, the date when the dashboard was updated, the Sharing button, and the Open in Analytics Studio button.)

  1. Change Height to 1100.
  2. Deselect Show Title and Show Header. (If Show Sharing Icon is selected, deselect it too.)
  3. Click Save in the upper right.

Let Everyone See It

To make the revised account page visible to everyone, make it the default for the org.

  1. Click Save in the upper right.
  2. In the Page Saved dialog box, click Activate. (If the Activation dialog box doesn’t appear, click Activation in the upper right.)
  3. In the Activation: Account Record Page dialog box, click Assign as Org Default.
  4. Then select the form factors you want to add the page assignment to and click Next.
  5. Review the settings and click Save
  6. To set app, record type, and profile settings, click Activation... again. Select App Default or App, Record Type, and Profile.
  7. After activation, Click Save in the upper right.
  8. In Lightning App Builder, click Back in the upper right to return to the account page.
Account page containing Opportunity Details dashboard

Remember that users must be assigned the Tableau CRM Platform license and the appropriate permissions before they can see embedded Tableau CRM dashboards.

The VP of Sales is delighted, but he notices that the dashboard shows all opportunities on every account page. What his team members really need is a dashboard that shows only the opportunities for the displayed account.

Filters to the rescue!

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